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Is it possible???

10 years 5 months ago #1 by goodluckyall
goodluckyall replied the topic: Re:Is it possible???
It's possible. For me, the symptoms like sore breasts, fatigue, and nausea all came after I took a test. At that time, I was about three weeks along and the symptoms came a couple of weeks after that. By the time I'd taken the test of course I'd already missed my period. You might want to hold off until you do miss your period before testing just for better accuracy. Are you going on birth control once (if) you do have a period? If so, that would work out just right because you could begin the new pack the following week after your period. It will get your periods regulated after that. The headaches and heartburn are the sort of symptoms that could be anything, so I wouldn't put much stock in those as signs of pregnancy.

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10 years 6 months ago #2 by CaliMarie
CaliMarie created the topic: Is it possible???
I got my last period on April 23rd. And it hasnt been normal for a few months now. i went to the doctor and she told me that it was because i wasnt on birth control. my bf and i have been using the pull out method the whole 3 years that we've been together. and i think that i may be pregnant. i've seen like everywhere that girls breasts hurt but mine dont but i looked up other symptoms and i have the dizziness and the headaches and the heartburn but most of all i've been peeing so much that it's not even funny...i cant even reallly sleep like 3 hours at a time. but my question is could i even be getting all these symptoms when i havent even missed my period yet? Please help me!!!

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