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Heart palpataions

10 years 6 months ago #1 by Meg11
Meg11 replied the topic: Re:Heart palpataions
I personally never experienced that happening to me but I will be praying for you.....Pregnancy does strange things to our bodies and every woman was created differently....with both of my pregnancies I had a different mole appear out of no where on my body and as I got further along they would grow and change colors and textures....it was so weird and it scared me....I went and got it examined with my first and it wasnt cancerous so I was glad....to this day my daughter is 5 and my son is 2 1/2 and neither mole is there anymore....I cant even tell where they were at.....I hope that this heart thing going on with you is just pregnancy related and that you will have no long term effects...let us all know...ok.....Meg

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10 years 6 months ago #2 by goodluckyall
goodluckyall replied the topic: Re:Heart palpataions
It could be as simple as anxiety, but it could also be more serious. You're right to get checked and they'll likely refer you for a cardiology consult. My son has bicuspid aortic stenosis and he feels that \"playing catch up\" thing.

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10 years 6 months ago #3 by Suzy_n_Chris
Suzy_n_Chris created the topic: Heart palpataions
Did anyone else get heart palpatations? I'm 15 almost 16 weeks along and the past couple of days I've been having brief periods of my heart fluttering or, like,my heart trying to catch itself. I'm going to the doctor today to find out for sure if its something serious or not.

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