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4 Days Late, Pls Help.

10 years 8 months ago #1 by Yolly
Yolly replied the topic: Re:4 Days Late, Pls Help.
;) Hi Jess,

My personal opinion is that if you are pregnant , you will not be able to see it on a hpt now. you need to go to the GP so he can do a blood test. I know that you will only start getting sick between week 8 and 12 of pregnancy ( that is the avarage). So this cant be because you are pregnant. The hpt will only start showing round about next week or so. I suggest you go to the GP to make double sure.
And hey!!!!! You are a REAL StandUpGirl if you have decided that you want to keep your little one....you CAN make it!! You WILL make it!!! And once you hold that tine little pink bundle of love in your arms...you will thank God day and night that you made the right decision. There is NOTHING in this universe that feels better than holding your own little baby in your arms...even the worst days ( crying, sick baby, teething, \"naughty toddler\") will have a rosy shine to it...bcos its all part of raising your own little person....who will love you one day NOT MATTER WHAT! DONT let anybody tell you you cant make a success of being a mother and raising a child. If anything, that child is the REASON you WILL make a success...because you will do it for him/her!
God bless and good Luck!


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10 years 8 months ago #2 by babigirljess
babigirljess created the topic: 4 Days Late, Pls Help.
Hi Babes, Well I am five days late now, i have a 26 day cycle and am never ever late! Ive been really moody at the slightest tiny things and exhausted for doing nothing! Been eating loads more than usual and my br*asts are sore and tender. I get backache and lower tummy cramps like im about to come on ma period but i never do! I woke up 2 days ago and was sick and have felt naseous lately to. So whats goin on with me? I think i might be pregnant cos i had unprotected 3 times last week. im 16 and got a bf but he said he dont want any babys jus yet but if i am pregnant i am deffo keeping it! I did a home pregnancy test (HPT) this afternoon but it came back negative :-( maybe its jus too early to tell if i am? and i had had loads of water b4 so maybe that made the result negative? Im going the docs this wednesday for a blood test but will it even show so early? Please help i need some advice! (Sorry its long) Luv Jess xxXXXxx

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