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im scared!....help!

10 years 7 months ago #1 by navywife
navywife replied the topic: Re:im scared!....help!
i know its frustrating, but you should try and take an other test.. or the best thing would be to go to your doctor and express your concerns. that way they ca check you out and do a blood test.. good luck.

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10 years 7 months ago #2 by Meg11
Meg11 replied the topic: Re:im scared!....help!
Well if you dont want another baby right now then you shouldnt be having sex (if your not married) or you should be on birth control (if you are married or just dont have the strength to remain abstinent) Just give a little time and then take another test...If your preg let this change your way of living and if your not preg let this scare you into better decision making. I hope that you will get your answer soon and that you just keep loving on your daughter regardless of your worries. I am a mommy of 2 and I was a single mom for 4 1/2 years when I found myself pregnant with my second (diff dads) that is when I made the choice to get my act together. I remained abstinent for 3 1/2 years and then on my wedding night \"I was unleashed LOL\" it was so worth it. I never had to wonder if I was preg, I never had to worry about diseases and I set a living example in front of my daughter to not have sex untill marriage. I hope that my story will give you strength and that you would consider what your daughter is seeing in your life. she is only 4 mos but she will grow up to do what you do...not what you tell her to. the best thing you can to for your daughter is teach her by example to be pure and modest and trust me doing those two things and a wonderful way to attract a respectable man into your life and it is a good way to prevent your daughter from having to go through the stuff we do :) take care and let us know how it turns out....Meg

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10 years 7 months ago #3 by rikanloka4u2nv
rikanloka4u2nv created the topic: im scared!....help!
ok i've been here before, when i got pregnant with my daughter & every time i had questions u guys would answer them...now she's 4 months old...but im scared because now i mised my period...but on the 20th i seen a little bit of blood but after that i didnt see any more...i fell a little bit of cramps like im about to get my period but not how it usually feels....I took a pregnancy test an it was negative & this is the same way i felt when i was pregnant with my daughter!...i juss dont understand why my period would do that!....anyone who knows anything juSs write back please...i dont want to have another one now!!!

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