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I think i'm pregnant

12 years 6 months ago #1 by Jonluver
Jonluver replied the topic: Re:I think i'm pregnant
A gut feeling was all i had the first time i got pregnant (other than a missed period which came way after i got \"the feeling\")

We were having a discussion in one of my classes one day about abortion. Which i am very against! My teacher asked me if I was pregnant would i keep it or have an abortion. That was the very second when i realized \"oh my god. I am pregnant!!!!!\" Of course i didn't say that out loud. I just said i would keep it. The next week my period never showed up and i took a pregnancy test. It was positive!!!!

...[IMG] [IMG]

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12 years 6 months ago #2 by scorpi266
scorpi266 replied the topic: Re:I think i'm pregnant
Honey I really don't think you are pregnant. You just had your period, your next period is not due for another 3 weeks. Women are fertile when they ovulate which is typically 14 to 16 days after the first day of their last period. So you most likely haven't even ovulated yet. Sure it is possible that you have an irregular cycle and have ovulated right after your last period. Seeing that you just had sex last Monday which is only 3 days ago you would most likely not feel any pregnancy symptoms untill around the 30th of May around 14 days past ovulation. At the time of implantation is when your body starts becoming aware that you are pregnant. There is just not enough hCG in your system to trigger any pregnancy symptoms yet. Now you said that you used a condom which is good, condoms are 97% effective, so don't stress yourself out take one thing at a time. I don't think you are pregnant, but I do recommend all sexually active girls to be put on birth control for added safety.
With Love,
Falon :)

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  • Ashleigh
  • Ashleigh's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 6 months ago #3 by Ashleigh
Ashleigh created the topic: I think i'm pregnant
I had sex last monday(we did use a condom) but lately i've just been so sleepy, nuasua, i've been getting headaches, and back aches and have been have cramps, I know its to early to know for sure, my bestfriend is 7 months and she knew the week after that she was, and on top of all that i just have a gut feeling that i am, i'm worried, also my period isn't due for another 3 weeks, so i've just been worrying, On top of all that, everybody has been asking me if i am pregnant, my mom, dad, bestfriend, and tons of other friends. Which just keeps scaring me even more. Is there a chance that i could be right?

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