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10 years 9 months ago #1 by MrsTWalsh
MrsTWalsh replied the topic: Re:Pregnant?????
Try not to think about it too much until yuo can take a test. Too often I think we magnify symptoms when we want to be preganant and then it just worsens the disappointment if it didn't work out that month. Best of luck, Lady!

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10 years 9 months ago #2 by kieranpreggo
kieranpreggo replied the topic: Re:Pregnant?????
hey, i researched and am very intelligent with reproduction early pregnancy symptoms, and anything related to concieving, also being i was pregnant twice. Your symptoms seem very obvious, u seem to be pregnant. Now many women including myself felt symptoms very very early, including as early as 3 days dpo. Your cervix would not soften yet b/c of pregnancy but rather because you are a few days past ovulation. The cervix (starting from day 1) begins as hard and low, after the period is completed, it stays medium and somewhat soft and during or right before ovulation it is soft and high on ovulation and the dot or opening is wider. the reason is that it is preparing for sperm and it preparing to 'suck up' and allow as much sperm to go through as possible. your body is designed to get pregnant quick, so it releases a mature egg, you get stretchy thin slippery c/m to ensure the safe environment for sperm and lubrication for entry and the uterine lining is thick enough so that if egg does get fertilized, when zygote (or fertilized egg) makes its journey through fallopian tubes into the uterus, when it attaches itself into the uterus, the blood rich uterine lining will nourish and feed the baby. And ofcourse, after ovulation cervix is still soft, but low and opening is closed. then you will notice a few days later ,it gets harder and higher (creating a barrier for anything to harm baby) and createsa cervical mucous plug i.e...your c/m increase... now that you are reading this i presume you will be 11dpo, andby now for sure, if you're preggo, the fertilized egg has already implanted itself. You defintely should be feeling more intense symptoms and perhaps a list more of symptoms in addition to your old ones. Your expected period should be due in about 3 days, so a pregnancy test is 73-86% accurate. This means you can take a test, but if negative, you still have a VERY high chance of being pregnant. the reason it may come up neg. b/c you don't have ENOUGH hcg for the test to read. if you read the directions or go online, u will notice you need atleast 20 miu/ml of hcg hormone so the test can read a positive. You will already have anywhere between 0-25 miu/ml but you may not quite have 20. if you dont the test will tell u ur not preggo when u really are. By 12 dpo, you have a 94%chance of getting a pos. if you are preggo, b/c you have a higher level of hcg. Hcg takes about 36-48 hours, or every single day and a half to two days to double its amount (for example, if you are 10dpo and have 15 miu/ml of hcg, then but day 12 you will have 30 miu/ml), that said, wait until the day of your expected period to take a pregnancy test and have an accurate result (that would be about 14 dpo) TAKE first response early pregnancy test....it's been scientifically proven to show up positive earlier, because although it says on the package it can read as little as 20 miu/ml of hcg, its been proven in lab tests to detect as little as 4 miu/ml...google it!! it's the most sensitive preg. test on the market and consumer reports have made remarks and suggestions reguarding the product. and again...good luck!!! ps....if you had sex before and during ovulation you have a 25% chance of pregnancy, so chances are you ARE pregnant. personally i really really think you def. are...just watch (im good with these things)

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10 years 9 months ago #3 by mommyda
mommyda replied the topic: Re:Pregnant?????
Sometimes if you wan't to be pregnant you notice symptoms and even miss your period, but your not pregnant. I would think it is to soon to have symptoms till you have missed your periodin most case's you don't really feel any different till the 4th or 5th week. I hope you get the news you wan't good luck!!!!!!!

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10 years 9 months ago #4 by bweber
bweber replied the topic: Re:Pregnant?????
i wish u the best of luck, but like i've told lots of other girls trying to gt preg and wanting immediate results after having sex around and on their ovulation day, it's not that easy.....lol....although we wish it was.....ur just gonna have to wait and see if u miss ur period......i know waiting sux really bad, but that's all i can tell u....

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10 years 9 months ago #5 by brownster82
brownster82 created the topic: Pregnant?????
Hiya... new to the site here... My hubby and I are trying to get pregnant... I am 5 days post ovulation... we had sex every day around and on my ovulation time. Here are my sypmtoms.................................................

Mild headache last few days
Mild cramps
Thin Clear-white discharge
Tingly in my breasts --- just one day
Soft cervix
Irritable lol... which is normal for me

The last symptom is kinda hard to explain... but I guess in my groin area it almost feels like a numbing sensation.

Im wondering if I am pregnant... it is obviously way to early for a home preggo test....

Is it possible these symptoms are all in my head cause I want to be pregnant so bad.... or is it all in my belly!!!????????

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