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am i or not please help????

10 years 10 months ago #1 by Jessiemonster
Jessiemonster replied the topic: Re:am i or not please help????
hey!... how old are u ?

ok so.. unfortunately... to take a home pregnacy test.. it will only be accurate one uve skipped a period... really.
you need to wait until ur period is late.. or about 4 days before its due... and from personal experience.. you definately should take MORE THAN ONE test!

they are not always right when they come out negative!

to be honest.. the best way to tell.. is go to the doctors... they can tell u now.. and its accurate completely!
i dont know how old u are.. but.. it should be confidential.. and if u cant wait.. i suggest u go to ur doctor.

those symptons could be early pregnacy syptoms.. but they could be LOADS of other things!
they could be Sexually transmitted infection symptoms.. and you should get checked for those too... they also could be alot of other things!
and seeing as u havnt skipped a period yet.. you cant jump to conclutions and assume you are pregnant!

but.. if u have had unprotected sex... u need to get checked for STI's and you should see a doc if u miss ur period...

let me know after uve done a test or seen ur doc...
keep me updated.. hope this helped
good luck!

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10 years 10 months ago #2 by chutney
chutney replied the topic: Re:am i or not please help????
you could be, i doubt u'd be feeling the symptoms of it that much tho if u concieved after ur period, its slightly too soon. unfortunately waiting is the only option, which is cack but the only to know for definate. its not that far away now tho really u just gotta get thru chimbo and new year which will go fast :)

hope i helped. xx

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10 years 10 months ago #3 by angel_gal84
angel_gal84 created the topic: am i or not please help????
hi my name is lisa,

i started my period on the 7/12/2006 and finished on the 11/12/2006. i had sex before i was due for my period, while i was having my period and after ive finished.

i am now experiencing, really bad headaches, eating all the time and sleeping,i feel dizzy all the time. but i do not have sore breast yet.

could they be the early signs of pregnancy??

im due for my period on the 04/01/2007 and i dont really wana wait that long to find out if i am or not.

could anyone please help me.

lots of love

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