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  • Kim
  • Kim's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 6 months ago #1 by Kim
Kim replied the topic: Re:Unsure
Having sex before you period does not increase your chance of becoming pregnant. Having sex around ovulation time, which is around 14 to 16 days after the first day of your period, is when you ovulate. You are more fertile around that time of the month.

Secondly, the 'period' you may have gotten may be implantation bleeding, which is when the egg is trying to make itself a home within your uterus walls.

Take a HPT and find out. You can buy them at the Dollar Store.

- Kim

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  • caralh515
  • caralh515's Avatar
12 years 6 months ago #2 by caralh515
caralh515 replied the topic: Re:Unsure
It is unlikely to get pregnant that close to yout period but it is possible. I would buy a test to see what is going on b/c it isnt normal for sex to mess up your period with and the sleepiness and nausea can be signs of pregnancy- morning sickness doesnt really always happen in the morning it really just depends on the person and pregnany about if they will be affected with it and when.

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  • CS
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12 years 6 months ago #3 by CS
CS created the topic: Unsure
Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some advise here...

I've been on low-hormone pills for about two years or so now, and my periods have been coming on a regular basis. Last month, though, I only got it for one day, and it wasn't even enough to fill a light tampon. My fiance and I had had sex 4 days prior (the first day of the sugar pills which I don't take), and yes, it was WITHOUT a condom - I know, not the smart way to do it.

I was a little concerned at first, but I know that a woman's cycle can be a little weird if she's stressed (which I have a significant amount of with my job), so I didn't worry about it. That was two and a half weeks ago.

For the last week or so, I've been EXTREMELY tired, pretty much wanting to spend all of my free time sleeping or resting, and have been off and on nauseous (mostly in the evening) to boot. I ordered pizza one night, and was really hungry, but when it got here and I went to start eating, I almost threw up. I haven't noticed that I've been going to the bathroom more, but I HAVE been constipated more than is normal for me, and more moody, which I attributed to being so tired all the time.

I also had a fever two nights ago that went away after about an hour and a half to two hours, without me taking any aspirin or anything.

Can having sex that close to your period make your chances of getting pregnant higher? Or would it just make your period abnormal? Should I buy a test?

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