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Getting him to talk

8 years 11 months ago #1 by jessey223
jessey223 replied the topic: Re:Getting him to talk
Well every relationship and every person deals with things in different ways. I would say if he doesn't want to talk about it and you have tried I would not push the issue. Maybe next time you want to have this talk just say to him "I would like to talk to you about our baby but when your ready" and see what he says. If he doesn't respond I would not bring it up again. Making people talk about things they are not ready to can down faults. But again every relationship is different if you guys are very open with one another and normally talk about every emotion maybe you could tell him that you want to talk to him to help you cope with it. Just put your feelers out there and don't be afraid if he turns you down and doesn't want to have the convo. Best of luck. Jessica

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8 years 11 months ago #2 by Evangeline
Evangeline created the topic: Getting him to talk

Hi there, I'd really like a guys opinion on how to get my boyfriend to open up.
16 months ago I had an abortion, before the proceedure he never once told me if he wanted to keep the baby and now he just pretends the baby was never there...
I've tried talking to him but he shuts down and I don't know how to approach him anymore. I desperately want to talk to him about the baby and the way forward but I don't want to receive another cold reaction from him.

How do i approach him on the subject and how do I encourage him to share his feelings with me?
Any advice is appreciated.

Many thanks,

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