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What are we supposed to do?

6 years 3 months ago #1 by MissP
MissP replied the topic: Re: What are we supposed to do?
Sounds similar to the way my partner reacted, he was calm when I told him I was pregnant but when I said i'm keeping it he was real angry saying all sorts on how I messed up everything etc, but after a few days he calmed down and told me what was really going through he's head, plus he was going through so much stress too.

So they need to talk, he could actually be just scared but anger is the only way he could express it, if he is a decent guy like you say he is then he should calm down eventually. I guess if he already has problems he may see a pregnancy adding on to he's list of problems (espesh being young, its hard enough). Plus guys are likely to take a longer time to get used to it since it's the females that carry it. They won't understand the whole maternal feeling

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7 years 8 months ago #2 by Newfie14
Newfie14 replied the topic: Re:What are we supposed to do?
My Boyfriend wantd me to ask a few questions on the Guy Zone.
He wants to know how he should tell his parents? his parents are NOT reasonable, and juge him very harshly on everything he dose, and honestly, they don't like the fact i'm in love with there son, the don't like were i come from, how i was raised, or how i dress..
he said he dosent want to tell his parents, and I don't eaither.
Also, how will he be there, i try to give him advice, but he wants it from someone who he dosent know, and has been there...
He wants to know everything he should and should not do,
so he dosent piss me off and winde up in the dog house
;)[/i] [/color]

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8 years 6 months ago #3 by lion_and_thelamb
lion_and_thelamb replied the topic: Re:What are we supposed to do?
im a female. but i dont think u should judge him for the past, if he has sincerely apologized, nor judge what he will do in the future. he was 100% out of line for flipping out, but if he wants 2 make things right, she should let him. he sounds confused, so with my babys father, netime he sent an angry hateful message i would save it just so it can be used in court if need be. if hes supportive then after the baby is here, throw all the bad messages and memories out the window. dont expect him 2 do right or 2 mess up. just be prepared 4 whatever may happen

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10 years 3 months ago #4 by tashie
tashie replied the topic: Re:What are we supposed to do?
hi girls. im not a male but i reckon give him another chance. having being in that situation it didnt work out for me but i do believe that everyone deserves a chance to show that they can change. also, ur friend is going to need someone close by to help her. she can do it alone or with ur suport and her familys etc. but having the father close by will be easier on her. the baby may need the father, it may not. i dun think that is an issue when this situation comes up. do what is going to make ur friend happy. if he is causing her more stress than benefit, then get rid of him. ur friend needs to b cool, calm and collected. the less stress the better, take care girls and i hope all goes well. i hope u do give him another chance and he does change for the better. let me know how it goes.

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10 years 4 months ago #5 by Gypsyvannerlver
Gypsyvannerlver created the topic: What are we supposed to do?
Hey guys i need serious advice....please explain what this guy is thinking. As soon as my friend told the guy that she thought she was pregnant he flipped out. He kept yelling but you took the pill what the hell did you do throw it up..and he just got so angry which is understandable and which is why were not telling him that she never took it. I mean she felt like she was killing the baby and she wouldnt take it. So it is currently at my house. Oh and another thing the father of her child is my boyfriends best friend. But after that first time..he kept it going saying she was either getting an abortion or she was never gonna know him or talk to him. Now that a few people have talked to him, he seems to be more calm and realizing he didnt handle this situation the best way and that he had other problems going on. So is it the other problems making him this way or what?? Cuz normally he would stay with the girl if he got her pregnant. Does it sound like he may change his mind...and even so should we even keep him in her life??? Please Help!!!

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