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i need major help!!!

10 years 10 months ago #7 by persianprincess
persianprincess replied the topic: Re:i need major help!!!
Hun, plz don't get into sex because you want him back. If it's meantto be he should want you without sex. You might regret your decision when you get older and you are wiser than today. I went out with a guy for 2 years, he gave me all that I wanted and I still didn't budge into sex. What if you got pregnant today, do you think the man that wasn't there for you, but was there for sex, will be there for your child? Don't be childish, there's plenty of fish in the sea, and crushes come and go, Don't let a man occupy so much of your time and mind, they are just not worth it. Chances are, that guy, is not \"the guy\" and you know it deep down inside so why are you trying to please him so much? And you said that he has heard from places that you are playing him, having sex would only make him think you are easy and desperate. Don't do it, but that's just ,y opinion. Good luck:)<br><br>Post edited by: SweetTea, at: 2006/11/15 01:31

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10 years 10 months ago #8 by Wallace_Gurl2006
Wallace_Gurl2006 created the topic: i need major help!!!
there is so much going on in my life right now. well my ex-boyfriend and i broke up almost a month ago but i still love him and wanna be with him. i cant help it becuz i had a major crush on him and now i feel likei done something wrong. when we went togther alot of people didnt want us together and some people went and told him that ive been trying to play him and everything and i know i havent and i tried to get him to trust me. then when we talked he was like he need some time to think things over, so we broke up and what gets me is that everyone thinks im stupid cuz i still have feelings for him even though he hurt me. when we are together just us we act like we still in a relationship but when were around others we dont. he tells me he loves me adn stuff and weve been talking about us having sex cuz i feel that if i do it then ill show him that i want us to get back togther. is this wrong and what should i do???

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