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I dont know what to do!

7 years 6 months ago #1 by cams2know
cams2know replied the topic: Re:I dont know what to do!
maybe you have to wait for another couple of weeks.. then take another test.. ;) btw.. are you using any kind f contraceptives?? i would say not to think too much about it.. coz.. i've been in that case before (that was the time that i was really dying to have a baby) and upsets me so much coz i got my period.. i've been late for about 3weeks.. and worrying can cause your period late.. ;)

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7 years 6 months ago #2 by DaniBell
DaniBell replied the topic: Re:I dont know what to do!
Hm well the puking feeling doesnt happen until the 2nd month I believe? But for every women its different.

And depending on when you took your test you could have taken it too early. Wait like another week and a half and if your period still hasnt come try taking another one.

Like me I've worried a few times about being prego but I never was....all of the symptoms I was feelign was either from an upcoming period or stress. Prego symptoms can be very frustrating because they are simlar to symptoms you get near your period. I wish you the best! Just try and relax...think positive :] ok

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7 years 7 months ago #3 by KaitlynA.C
KaitlynA.C created the topic: I dont know what to do!
So... I am not sure if i am pregnant or not and i have researched so many sites about early pregnancy symptoms. If i am pregnant i would have gotten pregnant about two weeks ago. and my bf (now my fiance) lives in a different state. But anyway,I have been feeling nauseous and i am so tired its ridiculous! i can sleep for a whole day and still be tired. Also i had small cramps for three days straight. They weren't bad at all just discomfort. Also my emotions are going crazy!! i took a pregnancy test a couple days ago and it came out negative. Maybe it's too early to tell? plus idk when my period is even supposed to start bc i have never had to worry about this! Is there anyway i could be pregnant? I plan to take another test in a few weeks but i would like to figure out if i am possibly pregnant or is it just in my head? PLZ help ME!!! btw im 16

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