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Remembering Baby

8 years 7 months ago #1 by Evangeline
Evangeline created the topic: Remembering Baby
Hi there, my name is Evangeline and I'm a mother who chose to end my baby's life through abortion.
I know that there are so many girls who are also still struggling with how to deal with their decision and also how to grieve or remember their baby, perhaps because they think they aren't allowed to feel sad or because they feel they deserve to be punished for their decision.
So, I thought I'd write a list if things you can do on yr own, untill you feel ready to reach out for help or speak to yr family:) I really hope that this post helps someone.

You can buy yrself a little ring and engrave yr baby's name or the "loss date" on the inside. Or you can buy a piece of jewllery with baby's birthstone in it.

Some women get a tattoo with either their baby's name, date of birth or the loss date or something significant to remind them of their baby.

you could ask a local headstone company to make you a small stone for yr garden, with baby's name and the "loos date" on it.

you can also write a letter or a poem to yr lost little angel, which alot of us did here on SUG.

Planting a tree or flower (a living thing) in memory of yr baby can also be quite theraputic as well as lighting a candle at yr local church or in yr home, where you can see it during the day.

Personally, I've started a baby memorial scrap book, in it I keep small things from my pregnancy, ultrasounds, baby booties, notes written during that time, even my abortion clinic info... I've recently started adding to it, poems, letters to my baby as well as flowers and gem stones etc.
You could also keep theses things in a box

Much love, hugs and support,
Eva xoxoxo

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