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my gf pregnant

  • Autumn
  • Autumn's Avatar
8 years 10 months ago #1 by Autumn
Autumn replied the topic: Re:my gf pregnant
I can't tell you about babies yet, because I'm 37 weeks! But I will tell you about the pregnancy. Your girlfriend will go through so many changes and it's very important for you to be there for her. Your relationship will be tested to the max. She'll get really clingy, self-conscious, and maybe even jealous. My boyfriend and I have gone through these things, and it's really hard for me to be so attached when he can't be there. So just make sure that you support her as much as possible and always talk to her about how she feels! It'll really help her to deal with this a lot. :)

Oh, and one more thing... I've actually gotten jealous of my boyfriend being able to be thin and play sports and all that stuff... just don't take her emotions and thoughts all too seriously, they'll always pass- even though it seems like they won't. I've broken up with my boyfriend probably 4 times! :laugh:

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8 years 10 months ago #2 by insubordinateximpx09
insubordinateximpx09 replied the topic: Re:my gf pregnant

As for how a baby acts: they poop and pee and drool and cry and sleep. :laugh: But when they get older they are a lot of fun. My son is fun, but very sassy as he loves to get into everything he's not supposed to (he's 8 months). Even when they are really little it's fun to watch them sleep. Good luck with everything. If you ever want to know anything from a guy's perspective, I can talk to my boyfriend for you. He's been there before and now we are expecting our second little one.

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  • MissKirsty
  • MissKirsty's Avatar
8 years 10 months ago #3 by MissKirsty
MissKirsty replied the topic: Re:my gf pregnant
Hi! Welcome to the site! congrats on your gf being pregnant, I'm glad that you are keeping the baby. :-)
So what exactly do you want to know about 'the way the baby will act'?
For starters it's going to be really tiny and funny looking at the beginning and it's going to cry when it wants something. ;-)
Babies are wonderful, lots of fun. When they are your own you don't mind changing diapers and feeding them. :-)
well, have a good day.

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8 years 11 months ago #4 by just jack 08
just jack 08 created the topic: my gf pregnant
my gf's pregnant:) and i'm just lookin for advice really like things to look for in the way the baby will act and things like that.

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