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26,3 children,married, and pregnate,????

9 years 11 months ago #1 by lifeandmusic8975
lifeandmusic8975 replied the topic: Re:26,3 children,married, and pregnate,????
First of all EVERY child is a blessing, regardless of the situation. The baby may not be a blessing for you, but think of the other couples out there that cannot have children. Don't you think that they deserve a blessing if your not able to keep it? I don't know why every woman thinks that abortion is their only option, because it's not. There is always adoption. There are so many families out there that are not able to conceive. What do you think they feel whenever they hear of someone aborting a child. They must feel like that little baby's life was wasted! Just because you cannot take care of this baby does not mean someone else can't. Would you rather kill your unborn child, or give it the best life it coud possibly have?

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9 years 11 months ago #2 by Fields2777
Fields2777 created the topic: 26,3 children,married, and pregnate,????
:unsure: Hi, I am new to this sight, I stumbled across it when I was looking at options on what I should do.I have 3 children and a loving husband with to much on his plate right now.I also have heart promblems and had to deliver my last child 2 months early due to my heart
failing.My doctors discouraged me from having any more children because of the risk.This pregnancy is not a blessing,we had already discussed not having any more children 5 years ago and now I guess our
birth control was not efective.I have not told my husband yet,I am just trying to wait for the right time.He is already worried about alot and worries about me.I am not against abortion,I just didn't want to ever have to make that choice and
I realy don't know if I can.I am realy
confused.I want to be here for my 3 children and loving husband, I also don't want to make a descision I won't be able to live with or end up regreting later.Any mother already had children and feel like if you choose abortion it would be like taking the life of your already born children?

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