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ever had an abortion?

9 years 11 months ago #1 by dorismay
dorismay replied the topic: Re:ever had an abortion?
I experienced other deaths in my family, including suicide and becoming an orphan in childhood, all of that pales into insignificance when compared to my babys death at 10 weeks pregnant. Even now after so many years and a lot of grief counselling I just can;t sort it. Besides which some men become impotent after pushing their girls into abortion, there is something really ghastly about doing this to self and others. It goes against life, and life kicks back.

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9 years 11 months ago #2 by washuchan
washuchan replied the topic: Re:ever had an abortion?
agreed. Dont let others influence your decisons. Its your body all he had to do was stick it in and hes done. Both parties should be resposible in any situation including this one. If he doesnt want to be resposible hes shown his true colors. In other words nab any info you can (SSN, income and such) Abortions at the time seem like the best way out but i really wouldnt suggest it. Ive had one and its close to the anniversary so all my mightmares, fears and memories are coming back.

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9 years 11 months ago #3 by kristal101
kristal101 replied the topic: Re:ever had an abortion?
I had an abortion. And honestly i thought it was best for me. but i was terribly wrong. Me and my boyfriend are still together and have been for 2 years now. But every day of our lives we regret not taking responsibility for our child. Do what YOU think is best and if your boyfriend cares enough about you he will understand exactly how you feel.

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10 years 2 weeks ago #4 by rocky51
rocky51 replied the topic: Re:ever had an abortion?
yah so last night was really bad. we had a long talk and he actually started crying. like reallyy hard. he wants me to get an abortion so badly.

but i stood my ground and i just said NO!

i also talked to my friend that has a baby. He is a single parent and the mother wanted nothing to do with her son.

he told me that its better to have a mother/father thats wants to be a part of the childs life then have one that you have to force.

so today i go get my test. and if i am, im just going to say kevin i am not getting an abortion and nothing will change my mind. If you really dont want a part in YOUR childs life then so be it. I will keep my number the same, and i will update you on everything. but in the mean time, i just cant talk to you anymore, its to much for me to handle. I needed you to be by my side.....

or something like that.
and the decision is his...

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10 years 2 weeks ago #5 by ~New Mommy
~New Mommy replied the topic: Re:ever had an abortion?
As you have read my story i will also write more to you. He is your boyfriend, and if he ever wants your relationship to continue he will listen to you. even though my boyfriend did not pressure me into what i did, he was there for me, but we are no longer together. The guilt was too much, and for many reasons we are not together. We had been dating for 3 years and it was amazing he was my best friend. I now miss him so much, but due to the abortion i cannot stand to see him. I have lost two things i truly loved in result. If you get this abortion like your boyfriend tell syou too, he may also being feeling guilty, becuase you are most likely to have many post-abortion symptoms. Guilt, depression, suicidal thoughts are all of mine. Now if your boyfriend loves you and cares at all he will not want this for you. If these dont phase him, he doesnt care about you. You are better off to raise your child alone. Please do not to do this becuase of pressure. This was the worst decision i have ever made, and it was just to please everyone else. I will never forgive myself of my mom. As will you, you will always resent your boyfriend. and if you guys are planning to stay together, get married, and raise a family there will always be tension between you. You will never forgive him. Please dont do this, and like i said if he doesnt care about this baby or you, then he will continue to tell you to get an abortion. If this is the case please leave him, he may be the childs father but you are better off without that. Please dont do this from pressure is all i ask. You will always regret it, and will never forgive him.

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10 years 2 weeks ago #6 by ericklirios
ericklirios replied the topic: Re:ever had an abortion?

I just saw your reply to a threat started by \"new mommy\" who recently got an abortion. Please check out my reply to her. If you get at it, check out my only blog entry too.

One of the things I said here before was this: guys are really looking for something all their lives without knowing what it is. For the most part, they're looking for what is true and what is truly valuable. In terms of women, this means looking for a woman who can show them what really is good and stand up for it. There is no point respecting a woman who is so weak about her convictions no matter how correct they are. If a guy finds someone who knows the truth and stands up for it, then he might have really found a true friend or even a life partner.

Stand up for what is right. The world makes such a big deal about democracy, letting people do their own thing, whatever floats their boat, yadayadayada but this attitude sometimes forgets about what is right.

Your boyfriend thinks the way he thinks. You can't do much about that except for standing your ground and, as people here will point out, you're on really stable ground. Show him what's right. Do what's right. Keep the baby. Pray a lot. The Lord will never leave you. Things may not be easier but the Lord will always be with you in your suffering and if He's there, people can surely come along but He, certainly, is more than enough.

Spare yourself the pain and give yourself the best life there is. Keep the baby and receive this blessing that the Lord himself has prepared for you.

Lastly, you may want to seach for \"precious feet\" on Google or Yahoo. This is a pin (around US$1.95 each) showing the feet of a ten week-old baby. People around the US wear it to clearly show that a baby is a baby is a baby. Give him one. If he insists on murdering his own child, then he may not be worth it. If he at least shows some remorse, then there is a good person there deep down inside.

Please take care. I will be praying for you.


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