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Please read, if you need hope in life:

10 years 2 weeks ago #1 by mommytoele
mommytoele created the topic: Please read, if you need hope in life:
I have been on this site for a long time. For those who have read my story under \"Sisters\"... (What it's like to be a teen mom)... know the hardships I have had to over come... Sometimes life does throw us obstacles... I am sure that everyone that is here, probably has had some kind of obstacle to overcome, or have to do deal with. I wanted to tell you all that my life has finally become something that I have never imagined... My daughters father and I are back together... Miracles do happen... I never would imagine myself back together with him. However, since our last court appearance, we have talked, and met up with and without our daughter. We've been taking things a bit fast, but I suppose that is ok, since we do have our daughter and etc. I wanted to let you ALL know, that if you believe in something- you can reach it. \"Reach for the stars, and the stars WILL reach you.\"

I am also almost done with my first semester of college. I have just graduated this past June- I have been in school with one pregnancy and three years of having a child, and now in college... for another 2-3 years... So... I know you can do it... I know it's hard, but just believe in yourself.

I WISH you ALL the best of luck, wishes, and happiness...

I know I've not been here in a while, and have LOST touch with most of you all... but you are always in my thoughts!

Take Care & Smile,

Nicole (mommytoele)

....Thank you!

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