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New Situation, Ive Told Them!!

10 years 4 months ago #1 by x_Zoe_x
x_Zoe_x replied the topic: Re:New Situation, Ive Told Them!!
Hi hun i am kinda going thru the same thing.
i gfound out a few weeks ago that i am pregnant (7 weeks now) and my mum chucked me out when i told her because i wudnt get an abortion. i went 2 live with my bf (father of the baby) but i wanted 2 return home. im back at home now but my mum still wants me 2 have an abortion and i am so confused as 2 wat 2 do. i want 2 keep the baby bcuz its mine n its my fault i got pregnant, but i don't want 2 let my mum n family down (as they will disown me) and i want 2 carry on wiv my life as normal. its such a hard decision. but wotever i decide i kno it wont be easy and i will have 2 decide fast.

as 4 ur bleeding i do not kno wether u have lost ur baby, but i wud go 2 the doctors 2 get it checked out, just incase hun. gudluck xxxx

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10 years 4 months ago #2 by Jennie2007
Jennie2007 created the topic: New Situation, Ive Told Them!!
Well, My parents know about the baby and my mother wishes me to take another test so that she can see the results for herself and then from then on she will talk to me about it. since then my parents have ignored me but i suppose it is better then shouting on and yelling.

However, my parents did not find out in the way i wished to tell them as my eldest sister told them and also my grandmother, clueless of how my grandmother knew but anyway...

All my mother had to say was '' jennie, i know you are late for your period and we will further more into it when youve taken a test for me to see'' and then from then on there has been nothing said, last night my parents went to bed and about 15minutes later went downstairs, i went downstairs and asked what was there problem and they said they couldnt sleep, my father didnt even look at me, this was around 1am. but at the end of the day its there choice wether they want to know their grandchild.

However im also quite worried as i have bled for a few days this week, could this mean ive lost the baby, its worried me?

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