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Happi Birthday To Me :(

10 years 5 months ago #1 by xmellypopx
xmellypopx created the topic: Happi Birthday To Me :(
Its my birthday today! and i should be happy to of finally turnt 17 i should be having fun all day and not caring about anything else but thats not the case!

Usually by this time my dad and his g/f would of rang me to say \"happy birthday\" and to tell me theyd come and see me later in the day just like all the years before but they havent!

And its all because im 8months pregnant my dad hated it when i told him and didnt want me to go through with it which made him hate my b.f

He couldnt handle it when i said i was keeping my baby and i was gonig to stay with my babys dad, and now he dosent want anything to do with me or his grandson :( Hes to wrapped up with his gf whos about 6months gone to even care about me anymore

His sisters even said to him \"thats your grandson and shes still your daughter\" but he just told them that he didnt care and didnt want to talk to me again

It being my birthday has jsut reminded me of all the nasty things he's said and how his pride has got in the way of him being there for me at the times when i need my parents most!

atleast i got my mum whos so supportive of me, but it still upsetting me! sorry jsut had to let it out guess im a bit emotionalll xx

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