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CANCER??? Please Read

10 years 6 months ago #1 by Meg11
Meg11 replied the topic: Re:CANCER??? Please Read
I just wanted to make a response to this because I feel it is important for those who are considering abortion to read this and not have to search far for it.....

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10 years 7 months ago #2 by Meg11
Meg11 created the topic: CANCER??? Please Read
My dad recetly informed me of a couple of websites about cancer....the link between cancer and abortion and cancer and multiple sex partners...THEY DONT TELL YOU THIS IN AN ABORTION CLINIC...In the earlier part of pregnancy your breasts receive a surge of estrogen and it causes your breast tissue and cells to multiply...during the later part of pregnancy you get a different set of hormones that focus more on producing milk...if you have an abortion these hormones are never released and your breast tissue is left growing and immature and very vulnerable for cancer.....in just the general population 12 out of 100 women get breast cancer...if you never have children your chances for cancer go up to 20%, for somone who never has kids and has had at least one abortion chances go up to 50%, for someone with a family history of cancer and has had an abortion the chances again increase 800% that you will have breast cancer before the age of 45...in 1981 a study showed a significant 2-4 times incedence of breast cancer for women under 33 who aborted their fist baby...in 1993 a study showed that african american women over 50 were 4.7 times more likely to get breast cancer if they had had an abortion...in 1994 a study in Washington state found a 50% increased risk to women who had had abortions...the risk was more than dobled to those who had aborted before the age 18 and after th age 30....Some of the increased risk factors are how far along you are when you have a abortion..how old you are when you have an abortion...whether it is your first pregnancy or not..and how many abortions you have...another form of cancer for women is cervical cancer...and in many studies they have found it more in prostitutes and girls who have slept with multiple partners and they find very few cases in nuns and women who have been with only one partner or no one at all...women are not the only ones at risk for cancer related to a sexual lifestyle though...for guys it is prostate cancer...in most studies they have found that men who have had both venerial diseases and a large number of sexual parners are more likely to get this type of cancer....in my research for the breast cancer information the most common thing I found is that if you want your chances to be decreased then start having kids before the age 24 and carry full term and breast feed your kids....the sights that I found this information on did not suggest premarital sex or birth control...and as a summary....when I look at these two cancers in women and I see the risk factors for both, common sence would tell me that if you get married at a fairly young age and do not sleep around outside of marriage and if you dont have any abortions but rather... have children and carry them full term and breast feed then your chances of cancer will drastically decrease....I know that if anyone has already had abortions and slept around alot that you cant go back and make new choices but you can start over today...I also know that if you have misscarried that is was not your choice to end the pregnancy and it is a hard thing to deal with but know that these risk factors for cancer are real and you can check them out if you look up \"breast cancer and abortion\" on google also \"sex and cancer\"...I hope that this info might help save two lives at a time....Meg

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