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10 years 9 months ago #1 by shaw_na
shaw_na replied the topic: Re:help
finally some one replys!yeah thats wut my friend said.but isnt 2 early 4 a test?i mean if i am its only been 1 or 2 weeks(counting this month only,last month i had my prd.)o but now i am always hungry and even tho i eat i still feel hungry and i am fallin asleep in class now.and after i ate lunch 2day i wanted 2 throw it up.but maybe thats just the lunchroom's food.o and 1 more thing,i hav been craving choclate!still am.lol.well thx 4 replying.now i gotta figure out how 2 tell my mom....woder if shell belive im like virgin mary?....

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10 years 9 months ago #2 by ashfield
ashfield replied the topic: Re:help
hey girl! You could definatly be pregnant! So you should go get a test. GOOD LUCK!:woohoo:

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10 years 10 months ago #3 by shaw_na
shaw_na created the topic: help
hi.im shaw'na and i really want to talk to some one about this.but my boyfriend said not to.me and my boyfriend are active.we've had sex three time this passed weekend and the weekend before that we had sex twice.lately i am freaking out.im scared.i hav had to use the bathroom like every hour.i spotted on my period and i have been really moodey.me and my boyfriend dont use condoms. he just pulls out.but ive been researching and it says pre-cum can get you pregeant.so i am scared.but could i really be in this short of time?
please help me.could i be pregeant?!if you know any thing please e-mail me

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