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God will give you peace....

10 years 8 months ago #1 by kelly_kurcz
kelly_kurcz replied the topic: Re:God will give you peace....
i really liked what you said. im 18 and 23 weeks. the father is in and out. and my parents are suggesting adoption so i dont have to deal with him. im done with school and am a licensed esthetician. i have so much support from my friends and family i think well why not keep this child but at he same time im scared and worried if thats the best decision because i dont want to make the wrong one. i pray about this alot and feel like i should keep it but is that just the devil or God? i am thankful though if only for this, this situation has brought my family a 100% closer i just dont want to break us apart with my decision.

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10 years 10 months ago #2 by Rainagrace7
Rainagrace7 created the topic: God will give you peace....
I too was in the middle of college the first time I became pregnant. 9 months is a long time to decide what is best for you and your baby. It sounds like you are struggling for a reason....there are other options. Pregnancy is temporary and will ony interrupt your schooling for a short while. I was able to complete my degree...it just took 6 total years instead of 4 with several degree major changes to lengthen the process even more! Nate was born in 1994, he will be 13 this January. I had the awesome priviledge of growing him inside of me and then giving birth! I took the time I was pregnant to really look into my 2 options; single parenting or placing with an adoptive family. I decided at that time that placing Nate with an adoptive family was the best choice for both of us. I have been able to watch him grow up, he has always known who I am and that I love him. I have never missed out on any part of his life! It was a double blessing for this infertile couple and for me! His mom is one of my closest friends now! I loved him enough to give him life and believe that this would all turn out for the best! 7 years later I became pregnant again....having had such a wonderful adoption experience it was difficult to think of any other option.. However, at this time in my life circumstances were different and I decided that it was best for me to parent my daughter. She will be 7 next June. I have never regretted either decision and Nate and Raina are quite close. It was more about the season that I was in and what God wanted than just a simple personal choice. I am recently married and pregnant with baby #3! I remember all of the worries, anxiety and fear that I had at the beginning of each pregnancy and what I learned was that EVERY decision does not have to be made TODAY! Take one day at a time and enjoy the beautiful priviledge of having that little life inside of you. Not every woman has that priviledge due to infertility issues so what God has given you now can be a blessing now and forever! Keep us posted, we will want to know how you are doing! I will pray that you will be surrounded by a group of people who can love and support you through your difficult time!

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