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Confused ):

7 years 8 months ago #1 by Meg11
Meg11 replied the topic: Re: Confused ):
I know that it is risky and scary but I would NOT take the morning after pill, it has actually caused death in severe cases, it has also caused other reactions as well...From the way you are talking I would say it is safe to assume that you are the kink of person to say "I made the decision to have sex, the condom broke, rather than risk my health by taking a pill I will face my responsibilities if I end up pregnant and make the best of the situation and count it a blessing" I was posed with a question once "Have you had unprotected sex within the last 72 hours" My answer was yes, I was at an appt to get on birth control...she offered me the morning after pill, she opened the package and held it out to me on her hand with a cup of water...I stared at it and everything rushed through my mind so fast...I looked up at her and said, "If I end up pregnant then I need to face my consequences and accept my baby gladly" She told me to wait until I started my period before I started taking my pills, I never started....Jeremiah, my son, changed my life in so many ways, during my pregnancy with him is when my life blossomed and developed into success...sure it was tough having two kids on my own but I will never regret turning that pill down...the woman who offered it to me watched me grow larger and larger through my pregnancy as I went to the health department for my job and for WIC appts, she then watched my son grow up until he graduated from WIC....she could never quite look me in the eye, I think it is because she knew deep down that if I had listened to her that my gorgeous, amazing and precious son would not be here....I hope you will make the right choice as well...I decided when I found out I was pregnant with my son, having then two kids from two dads that I was not going to have sex again until my wedding night....I made it two and a half years until my wedding night with no sex and I am so proud of myself...my kids both played a huge part in my meeting my husband as well...no child is ever a mistake and if you end up being pregnant I hope you will remember that...Much Love...Meg

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7 years 8 months ago #2 by Loopy33
Loopy33 created the topic: Confused ):
Im 17 and being driven crazy from my thoughts alone...
okay so i had sex yesterday with my boyfriend and the condom split. been worried ever since. but something inside me is saying well what if i dont take the morning after pill? i know theres a chance of not being pregnant but there is still that other 50% chance, what if i want to take the risk?
i have no future plans but what i do have is a future that involves kids, no question about it.

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