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my dream,

8 years 3 months ago #1 by milanelle
milanelle replied the topic: Re:my dream,
:kiss: oh hi! for sure your little lexi girl is very proud in heaven having her strong parents!

i wish you well all the time and same as with your hubby!

take care!

lexi for sure will always at your heart, and watching you with God!

much love, nelle!

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8 years 5 months ago #2 by sophia roses mummy
sophia roses mummy replied the topic: Re:my dream,
hi berni hunnie i had a very simular dream and now i know im having a little girl maybe thats part of sasha-lou coming back? and lexi will always be with u hunnie just like sasha-lou is always with me and you will always be her mummy and so will i with sasha-lou and one day you and ry will be able to live that dream maybe not with lexi but with your 2nd baby lexi will always be your 1st baby and she will be verry proud of you berni on how well your copeing!
i hope your ok hunnie
and i hope ry is ok too :)

r.i.p lexi

love you girl xxxxxxxxx

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8 years 5 months ago #3 by bernardette.x
bernardette.x created the topic: my dream,
i cant say ive had many dreams about my baby, well not many i remember.

i woke up this morning, and i can could remember my dream so clearly!

i had Lexie-Mai, she was 6 months old- how old she would be now-
she was so gorgeous! she was definatley a mixture between me and ryan,
she had his smile. that gorgeous smile!

i gave her a bath, took her clothes shopping and brought her loads of clothes and jarmies.
lots of little pink outfit; the most adorable clothes.

i then put her to sleep in her cot, and just sat there and watched my baby sleeping.

she was so well behaved' didnt cry, went straight to sleep. she just wanted cuddles from her mummy and daddy.

it was such a lovely dream, but thats all it was. a dream.

i just wanted to get it off my chest and write it down.

rest in peace my precious Lexie.
see you soon :)!!
i love you beyond belief!


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