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1 and a half years on...

9 years 1 month ago #1 by insubordinateximpx09
insubordinateximpx09 replied the topic: Re:1 and a half years on...
i'm sorry...your story is so sad...it made me cry to read it...i know how you feel about wanting a baby tho...i want another baby, my son is 5 months old, and i hope to go to college and everything too...but still, having another baby is a big thing on my mind...if you ever want to talk to someone that understands, i'm here...

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9 years 2 months ago #2 by GangY
GangY replied the topic: Re:1 and a half years on...
oh honey***
your story made me cry.. its all that im doin.. same as im feelin..
there's not a day that i don't think about my baby.. he would be now 1yr 3-4 months old..
i think too, that the baby wouldnt affect the college.. i sometimes think that its harder to study with the abortion than with the baby.. well atleast thats how i feel about it..
hunn, if you ever need someone to talk, i am here for you.. i know, talkin doesnt make it go away, but it helps a bit, to talk with people that have the same feelings..
stay strong!

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9 years 2 months ago #3 by jenni
jenni created the topic: 1 and a half years on...
I had been with my ex on and off for about 5 months when i discovered i was pregnant i missed all the signs and didnt think anything of it until i missed my second period and began to get morning sickness i then took a pregnancy test with my best friend as my ex didnt believe me when i phoned him to tell him the test was positive at first he didnt believe me until i showed him the test. i was sure i did not want an abortion and he was in 2 minds. he soon told his dad who then told my mum about te pregnancy she was distruaght although she had an abortion when she was 16! she TOLD me i had to have an abortion along with his mum. i was so upset but felt i had no power over the choice she booked an abortion on behalf of me! when i went to the clinic for my pre op they asked me if i wanted the abortion i wanted to say no but she was stood outside the door watching. I went through with the abortion but before i went down i begged the nurses not to make me do it ut because she made me sign the form they injected the anasthetic!! i woke up and creid my eyes out, mum just pretended nothing had happened. i creid for weeks and weeks and finally my ex came round after ignoring me throughout the process completly!! one and a half year on and and i find my self desprate to be a mum with my new boyfriend of 10 months! i find myself walking round and online looking at baby clothes prams car seats and nursery furniture. i am so desperate to be a mum and i wish i had not had the abortion although my ex was sleeping with some other girl when he found out i was pregnant but i wouldve been a single mum i just wish i had that baby here with me now or that i ad the chance to be a mum now. i sit at home thinking of ways i can get pregnant and convince my boyfriend it wasnt planned as he wants to go to uni and i have just began college but a baby wouldnt afect my college...i wish i could be a mum!

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