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Suprises for your 21st Birthday.

11 years 1 month ago #1 by Opanayiko
Opanayiko created the topic: Suprises for your 21st Birthday.
Introductions! But alas, where to start.

On October 7th I turned 21. In light of the results of my September 5th E.P.T. test & verifying doctors appointment there were no age appropriate festivities! The father and I had been separated for about a month after a years worth of emotional roller coasters. My body was so thrown off by being on and off birth control by the summer (changed to the ring since the depo shot thins the bones) and we just weren't safe enough.

With him having another year of business college & my having yet to start school he was not pleased at all. We sat in the hall outside the bathroom together waiting for the results & I replayed him throwing the test in the sink like a bad cartoon excerpt a crazy amount. I immediately started crying.

It's so easy to just SAY you'd have an abortion until you're in the situation... He was initially insistent on it, the most AWFUL things coming out of his mouth at times. He's since accepted that I did the right thing in listening to my heart and body (ahah, from someone who is still claiming I need to approach this WITHOUT emotion) but still thinks we should give the baby up for adoption.

I know things aren't perfect and that they'll be difficult. I intend on getting a job, going to college, and will apply for government aid. I've moved back home to Ohio from Boston (13 hours away from him) for a stronger support system as he certainly couldn't give it to me. Such a fairytale gone bad with that boy, flying me out to Santa Barbara Cali to meet his family and barely two months later smacking me around. I threatened leave twice and he begged me to stay, calling my mother both times (whom he's never met) and bawling his eyes out. He smacked me before I left, making it all that much easier. He's also at least admitted it to his family (who are completely well-to do picture perfect).

I am glad he doesn't want to completely disappear, I suppose. My father abandoned my mother who got pregnant at 16 and had me a month after she turned 17. I don't think it's honestly effected me much, I'm a stronger person for it and he obviously didn't deserve me.

I'm sorry this is so disjointed, but this site has given me a lot of hope and some people with common ground. A lot of the pregnancy sites don't seem to have too much for young (single) mothers in the way of specific boards. I'm very thankful.

Ashley.<br><br>Post edited by: acas, at: 2006/11/09 16:22

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