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I just don't know...

  • Sunshine
  • Sunshine's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 11 months ago #1 by Sunshine
Sunshine replied the topic: Re:I just don't know...
hey thanks. I did just take a preg. test and it was negative..but hten i told my b/f and he said i took it too soon. I have not taken the pills for 2days and usually i start on the 2nd day of taking them. So do u think he was right...did i take the test too early?

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  • TabbyCat
  • TabbyCat's Avatar
12 years 2 days ago #2 by TabbyCat
TabbyCat replied the topic: Re:I just don't know...

i found out i was pregnant 3 weeks ago and i was also taking birth control pills. i asked the nurse if this would have harmed my baby and she said no it wont have harmed it, so dont worry xxx

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  • Sunshine
  • Sunshine's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 3 days ago #3 by Sunshine
Sunshine created the topic: I just don't know...
alright well i am on birth control but i have a problem with taking it the right way...well i stopped taking it for a week(my b/f and i did not have sex that week) then i was going to go spend a week w/ him at his house for spring break so i decided i needed ta start taking it again. I started taking the pills 2-3 days before we did have sex. Now i am getting worried i am pregnant. I have brown spoting...for almost 2 weeks now and that is not normal for me to have. I have been eating way more and had tons of headaches and feeling sick in the morning and even gagging but not geting sick. I have defn. been very emotional and in bad moods lately too. My boobs hurt a week after we had sex and my body, mostly my back. My mom makes sure i am taking my birth control the right way now because she figured out i have been not taking it right so i have kept taking the birth control this month in a week is when im suppose totake the other colored pills so i can have a period. Is it possible tha I could be pregnant? if i am was me taking the birth control this month going to harm the baby? I'm really confused about this. Help me!

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