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He's an alcoholic, I am pregnant,

11 years 2 weeks ago #1 by teachermom
teachermom replied the topic: Re:He's an alcoholic, I am pregnant,
You sound very depresed and you need to get AWAY from him

IT DOES NOT have to be like this. There are MANY kind and decent men in this world - I cringe when I see so many of you trying to force bad men int oyour vision of what you want your life to be. YOU have to leave him if you have this child. YOU CANNOT SUBJECT A CHILD TO THIS MAN!

I wish you would all THINK about the \"daddy\" you are providing for innocent children. EVERY child deserves to be LOVED and CHERISHED and WANTED - not jus twhen they are cuddly and itty bitty - but when they are 3, and 6 and 12 and 15.

PLEASE do not let this sperm donro be daddy. You have new obligations now - wither to get away and raise this child in a safe & loviong environm,ent or to allow a capable family to do that.

I feel bad for you and I'm sorry to be harsh but it's not about YOU anymore.

Please think about the life you wan to create for your child.

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11 years 2 weeks ago #2 by persianprincess
persianprincess replied the topic: Re:He's an alcoholic, I am pregnant,
Hey, I am so very sorry for what you are going through, put I hope that you don't decide that it's a part of life, and accept it. I know alot of women in abusive relationships, and I don't believe anyone but them, can help to change that fact. Remember that no matter how good therapy is on the part of the government or any organization, it takes time and that it would make him angrier for a while because he's attending it for you. What I would probably do in your situation is to look for another place, in the same city, and give your landlord a notice without your boyfriend knowing, ofcourse that would be impossible if his name was to be on the lease for your apartment. You can then, I'm sure call the cops if you thought that was the best option. But move, and time will heal things for you. By the sounds of it, you are a strong woman and you will overcome this situation. Remeber that your life and thelife of your child is more important than money, and material things. If you have to, just move to where your family is and start over there. Don't think of this as a setback, think of it as a way Good luck, and take care of yourself

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  • Teresa 22sis
  • Teresa 22sis's Avatar
11 years 2 weeks ago #3 by Teresa 22sis
Teresa 22sis replied the topic: ME TOO Re:He's an alcoholic, I am pregnant,
I just want u to know I know.... I am going through the same thing. My boyfriend occasionally would push or slap me and then it got worse. He would punch me slap me, puh me so hard I would fly. I got so fed up I jumped off a third storey balcony when I was 4 months pregnant. My baby lived but he left me in the hospital all alone in a city where I had nobody for weeks. He was my only way of support and he knew it. He is a huge alcoholic and drug-abuser. I got out of hospital and treid to get away buthe always suckered me to come back... money.... love...etc He would always go back to the way he was though. I got so scared and sick of everything I tried to hng myself but he found me and then the next day beat me up...t old me he wanted to kill me called me all sorts of names... so I called 911 and he still hurt me but they have all recorded and the cops broke down the door when he was trying to brake my arm. I now have a restraining order and he is being charged. Cops phone all the time and even come here to make sure he is not here. I honestly still love the guy ... I know sick hey.... but now that I am away I know its the right decision... I'm still unsure of everything but one thing... I WILL NOT let him hurt me again... please try... please... u don't deserve this.... I am not the kind of person to get away like this and I did it.... so I know u can... there is so much support places... such as Birthright which is international... try please....:(

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11 years 2 weeks ago #4 by *haley*
*haley* replied the topic: Re:He's an alcoholic, I am pregnant,
girl you need to get away from him... and I know what you mean when you say thta Flaggstaff doesnt have much... i live in Az also so i have been there but girl if there is anyway possible move to phoenix... it may seem impossible but phoenix has so many opportunities for you... and you will be away from your boyfriend and all.... if you need any help with anything i can help im here.....

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  • Jill
  • Jill's Avatar
11 years 2 weeks ago #5 by Jill
Jill replied the topic: Re:He's an alcoholic, I am pregnant,
I know it isnt as easy as it sounds, but you really do need to get away from him. My sister was in an abusive relationship (my nephews father) and it took her three years to get away. She is a manic depressant and it was very bad for her. If he wont leave, you need to. Pack your stuff up and go someday when he isnt there! If he has told you to kill yourself or he will then it is time for you to get away! Go stay with a friend or a relative until you can get a place. Or move back to where your family lives! When your baby is born you dont want him/her to be around a person like that! Whos to say that if he is that cruel to you he wont be to your baby???? Men like that can abuse a child as well as the mother! You need to think of the life that you have in you and get away from that all! You are smart and I bet your a wonderful person. Dont let a man get you down and make you feel this way! And dont let a man like that be around your precious child! Your child could turn out like him if the child is raised around it! You can make a better life for your baby and yourself! No woman deserves to be treated the way you do! Its sickening tha he can treat you like that! Please Please for the sake of that fragile life leave that terrible man. And just because you had an abortion doesn't make you what he called you!<br><br>Post edited by: acas, at: 2006/10/31 14:48

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  • gina lynn
  • gina lynn's Avatar
11 years 2 weeks ago #6 by gina lynn
gina lynn replied the topic: Re:He's an alcoholic, I am pregnant,
i think you should definately tell your family whats going on. they will probably help, or else you should immediately start looking for another apartment. whatever you do you need to get away from this man and out of this environment right away. you dont deserve to be treated that way, you're worht so much more than that. plus putting that much stress on yourself is not good for the baby. honey please take my advice and get out of there as soon as possible, do it for you're baby, but more importantly do it for yourself because you are a beautiful woman who deserves so much better than that.

best of luck, my prayers go out to you.

gina lynn

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