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7 Weeks pregnant!

  • Pauline
  • Pauline's Avatar
10 years 11 months ago #1 by Pauline
Pauline replied the topic: Re:7 Weeks pregnant!
I was 16 when I had my son. I was not working I was to sick but the babys dad was working for $9.50hr.It was not easy but we made it work our parents were not happy at all. We save our money from the time we found out and got our onw place. We got alot off baby stuff from friends and family. Our son was born on march 20 2003. And it was the best dat of my life. It was worth everything that I went through when I saw his face.

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10 years 11 months ago #2 by lissy012207
lissy012207 replied the topic: Re:7 Weeks pregnant!
Just because the condom fell off doesn't mean youre pregnant. You could be or you could not be. The important thing is that about 3 weeks after you that happened, get a pregnancy test and find out. How old is your boyfriend? I know I'm only almost 17 and 6 months pregnant, but my lil brother is 13 and if i caught him having sex, id probably kill him lol thats y i asked how old ur bf is cuz i kno my lil bro didn't even hit puberty yet lol

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  • ame
  • ame's Avatar
10 years 11 months ago #3 by ame
ame replied the topic: Re:7 Weeks pregnant!
oh my god..am 13 and i think im pregnant !! :'(
me and my boyfriend had sex on sunday night and the condom fell off without us knowing !! he cumed and everything please help me !! :'(:(

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10 years 11 months ago #4 by Miss Boop
Miss Boop replied the topic: Re:7 Weeks pregnant!
That's brilliant!!!! Congrates to you and your growing family!!! I just know that this baby will be loved to no end!! Well the best way to find out about symptoms or finances is to go to your local health department, search local or even national pregnancy sites and help lines, try to get a job at a store around your 8th or 9th month and just keep updating them until you get hired at one, also look in to childcare as much as you can. I have worked at in home day cares and in a child care center and yes they are very different. Family members may be convenient but they can also be an inconvenience. Register anywhere you can to get prenatal, pregnancy, parenting, relationship advice, help, tips, coupons, etc. Make sure you weigh all of the pros and cons of everything that you do and everything that you consider. Have faith and stay strong... GOOD LUCK and again CONGRATES!!! If you need anymore help or advice be sure to reply.


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11 years 4 days ago #5 by lissy012207
lissy012207 replied the topic: Re:7 Weeks pregnant!
i was 7 weeks prego when i found out. lol money wise, id look for hand-me-downs from people that just had babies n stuff. i never even knew what the salvation army was before i was prego. now, thats where i get most of my baby stuff. my mom bought me $400 worth of baby stuff at walmart n i still have basically nothing. i cant work b/c of my arm (i have a story posted, i dont feel like typing the story again lol)and my bf works at movie gallery for $5.40 an hour so consider your bf lucky lol. money will be really tight and youll prolly have to get clothes at walmart instead of ambercrombie. but itll be worth it. so i hear.. lol im 5 1/2 months prego. i didnt really get that many symptoms until about 17 weeks. youll get cramps and occasional puke. its different for everyone. i hope it works out for you! im 16 also and my mom trys to help and the rest of my family disowned me. i havent talked to any of them for about 3 1/2 months. idc though. its not like they were there for me before anyway :-)

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  • Bridget
  • Bridget's Avatar
11 years 5 days ago #6 by Bridget
Bridget replied the topic: Re:7 Weeks pregnant!
I don't feel anyone could raise a baby better than it's own mother. I understand you're 16 and your mom is soo against it. I can completely understand not being ready but who is ready? You may have an idea of what's ahead but you'll never know until you're going through it. Think of your child and what S/He'll have to go through emotionally; they may feel abandonment. I've always felt if you were GROWN enough to have relations, you should be just as GROWN to deal with anything that may come from it; including a baby. I'm not trying to preach or be judgemental but your baby won't be the only one dealing with this. You'll think of that baby every hour of every day. Why make a decision that both of you won't benefit from emotionally? Yes, don't get me wrong your baby will be well taken care of financially but when S/He's older they won't remember the fancy crib and expensive clothing. They won't see the sacrifice you made as a benefit. They'll take it as you didn't want them. And if you have other kids later on they may even resent you.

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