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stagitory rape... :/

  • alyssa
  • alyssa's Avatar
11 years 1 month ago #7 by alyssa
alyssa replied the topic: Re:stagitory rape... :/
Im 16 and 5 months pregnant. My boyfriend is 22. My mom thought he was 19 at the time. We told her and i thought she was going to do the exact same thing. Trust me, i know exactly how you feel. She was more understanding to it than I thought. She had two choices, put him in jail for stagatory rape, or make the best of the situation and not do that. she helped him get a job and shes helping us as much as she can. Maybe your parents will understand more than you think. I was terrified when i had to tell my mom. it was the day of my surgery after a bad car accident and i was ready to be put under when they told me. i had to tell my mom that they couldnt do the surgery bc i was pregnant. she just cried and took us out to lunch and we all talked about it. i hope it works out for you [reply here] if you need anything. your not alone.

-liss :)<br><br>Post edited by: arcasta, at: 2006/09/09 20:34

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  • Angel
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11 years 1 month ago #8 by Angel
Angel replied the topic: Re:stagitory rape... :/
Depending on what state you live in, there are ages of consent. I can relate to your problem because I'm 15 and my boyfriend is 20. So I've done a little research. Just discuss the situation with your parents and how sending him to jail won't help anyone. It will have a negative impact on everyone including them. Hopefully they will be understanding and feelings won't get in the way of whats best for the baby.

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11 years 1 month ago #9 by alinker05
alinker05 replied the topic: Re:stagitory rape... :/
statitory rape does not mean that you were forced. It means that an adult had sex with a minor and that's illegal. It's considered statutory rape no matter if you gave consent. I'm not sure what to say other than good luck. I hope everything works out in your favor.

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11 years 2 months ago #10 by Barajasluver07
Barajasluver07 created the topic: stagitory rape... :/
Im not a victim of it... yet, im gettin caught up in it. Im a couple weeks pregnant, jus found out :), n i havent told anyone but the father of course.... but of course... the catch is, i was 16 when everything went down, n hes 22... im very worried that when i tell my mother n father, they will wanna have him arrested... n convicted of stagitory rape... but it was never like that.. n i say it over and over.. it was all consentual.. both very willing... i jus wish i loved him... because hes not my boyfriend.... jus a really good friend that i like to chill with... im still contimplating keepin my baby or giving it up for adoption... because abortion is out of the question... i don't really have anyone to turn to... none of my friends can relate with the fact of being with an older man... n i forgot to mention he has a soon-to-be 5 yr. old girl... which he is actively involved n the raisin of... its jus he, like myself, have alot to live for... and no one will win if he gets arrested... some positive yet honest feedback would be greatly appreciated... n i would like to hear from some one that is in some wut the same boat as myself...
well, until then..
*oNlY tImE wIlL tElL*

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