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I need Help.....

11 years 3 months ago #1 by i_cant_forget
i_cant_forget replied the topic: Re:I need Help.....
have you talked to your parents yet? if not i would do that and find out how that goes sweetie. if you think that they aren't going to be willing to help or that they won't want you at home, and your boyfriends family is up to it and willing to help the two of you out, especially since you are young, maybe you could talk to his family and him together, and find out if that is an option if your parents aren't willing to help you out. is his house with his family a better option for your new family and child to be raised in? try to do what is best for your beautiful new bundle of joy that will be arriving.

good luck sweetie


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11 years 3 months ago #2 by ashmo
ashmo replied the topic: Re:I need Help.....
hey girl,

congrats on the baby first of all!! i know it might be a very scary time for you, but it is also one of the most amazing experiences you can go thru. see im 17 and im 13 weeks pregnant, and u said u dont know what to do? well it is pretty much too late for you to get an abortion, and trust me, by now it already looks like a little BABY and is moving and everything. i went to the dr. at 10 weeks, and again at 12, and seeing your baby on the screen doing flips inside ur belly and hearing its first heartbeat are experiences i wouldnt trade for ANYTHING. when i first got pregnant, i was just like you. so scared on what to do and who to turn to, and trust me girl, your family will probably suprise you in the way that they react. both of my parents told me i had no choice besides abortion and i told them no, i couldnt do that. and eventually both of them came around, my mom even CRIED when she heard its first heartbeat!! trust me, dont move in with your bf unless you have to, ive been with my bf for almost 3 years now, but you never know for sure how long a guy will stick around. your family most likely will ALWAYS be there for you. so dont push them away to move in with your bf right away.

just tell them calmly, and theyll be upset at first but i can almost guarantee you they will come around!

god bless


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  • jamie
  • jamie's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 4 months ago #3 by jamie
jamie created the topic: I need Help.....
I'm pregant and very scared. I do not no what to do. I'm only 3months. And i'm 14 years old. I don't that my family would want to help me.... Sould I move in with my boyfiend and his family or what.....

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