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11 years 4 months ago #1 by thegretchen
thegretchen replied the topic: Re:HElp?!
Hi There,

Please don't be freaked by your lack of energy. That's totally normal in your first trimester of pregnancy. I felt the exact same way (I'm at 20 weeks now) and it gets better, way better.

Your body is going through some amazing changes right now and rest may be exactly what you need so don't fight it. I went on vacation right at 12 weeks and it was within days, literally, of going into my 2nd trimester that I felt more like \"me\" and had a blast.

If your Dr. has said that everything is normal and okay, rest while you can and take some \"you time\" to bond with your baby and your changing body. Hope this helps a little...

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  • Mummy2b
  • Mummy2b's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 5 months ago #2 by Mummy2b
Mummy2b created the topic: HElp?!
Hey, i really would aprreciate some advice. I am currently 3 months pregnant and for the last 2 weeks have been extremely tired.I dont mean i just am sleep deprived, i dnt want 2 do anything, nd when i do its so much effort! This is totally not like me, i used 2 dance 5 days a week (ive got 2 stop soon, i know!) but what im tryin 2 say is i usually have a lot of energy and am always busy, its sooo frustrating not being able 2 do anything.I have been off school for 2 weeks nd all i do is watch tv or sleep. I am eating normally and eating the right things but it doesn't seem 2 b helping. :unsure: Ive been 2 the doctors nd got a blood test but it came back 'normal' after waiting AGES! I really don't understand docotrs sometimes. Im concerned for myself and my baby a lot but no one seems 2 share my concerns. I cant go on for 6 months like this, i want 2 study @ college but i dont even have the energy to go to school for 2 hours nd tht is 2 minutes form my house. I tried 2day but came home after an hour nd as soon as i sat on on the sofa i fell asleep. I constantly want 2 sit down. My mother isn't being very supportive over my pregnancy so thinks im making this whole thing up, but she does kindly tell me every day that i look like \"crap\"! I realise it could be stress, i have moved house twice im the last year and both my grandparents died within 3 months of each other and my babies dad is stressing me out no end. But i have alwayz had 2 deal with a lot and i alwayz seem 2 manage. I just dont know what i can do if anything- im meant 2 be goin on holiday in a week (not far i might add) but i want 2 at least enjoy it and wont if im still feeling like this-Its an effort 2 even get in the shower! Please let me know if any of u mums 2 b feel like this. I would appreciate any advice and to talk 2 anyone, sorry its so long,
Congrats 2 all mommies nd mommies 2 b! x x x

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