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I cant get it out frm my mind...

  • Kyla
  • Kyla's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 6 months ago #1 by Kyla
Kyla created the topic: I cant get it out frm my mind...
Juz wanna share this nightmare of mine..Although it happens like several years ago..But it will always b fresh in my mind..
I was 18yrs old then..I met this man..Which i truly luv..We knew each other for almost a year..He always sleeps over at my plc...its was like cloud nine everyday with him..We hardly fight n i thought he is d one for me..
Finally d day came....n i found out that i was pregnant..I was so happy...Yup although i was young but im so confident tgat he will b happy too.
But ...i was so devastated.He even accused me of sleepin ard n refusdto admit that its his child.I was so disappointed in him.He knew i had lost my vigininty with him.I felt so helpless..I begged him to take me in as my parents will never allowed me to b a single parent.I begged him to marry me...

Well guess,wat..he finally agreed.N asked me to break d news to my parents n arranged a date for his family to come over to my plc to plan d wedding.Although he had insultd me..but i was happy with his desicion..

I told my parents n my whole family was present at my house waiting for d arrival of his family.Iwaited impatiently..n was very excited.

At last they arrived.Both my parents was very proud n was very happy.N they bagan the taLK.

His parents had both passed away so his auntie talk on behalf of his family.
The first word that came out from her mouth....Ur daughter is forcing my nephew to marry her.My god..i was so shocked.MY PARENTS WAS EXTREMELY SHOCKED TOO!
N she carry on saying that i even seduced her nephew to sleep with me so that i could trap him..by getting myself pregnant so he will hav to marry me.

God,,,,im so ashamed.Ive been humilated infront of my whole family..even my grandma was present.
The jerk juz stood n smile at me as if nothing is happening.

My dad tried to defend me but i tink he is too embrassed that he asked them to leave.
God...i cried out loud...I FEEL LIKE KILLING MYSELF.The man that showed me Everlasting love turn out to b a heartless creature...IM SUCH A FOOL..
I even found out he had another galfriend fo 2 years while he was with me..

My parents was ashamed of wat had happened.They told me to abort the child.bUT I told them no...I told them no matter wat i will keep the baby..
My parents didnt agree with my desicion..
They told me that i had caused them enuf shame n they aint gonna take anymore shame.
Damn i was so alone then.I aint got $ n none of my family members support me.

My mum tried several times to bring me to the doctor for an abortion..But i ran away several times...After 5 mths preggy...my both parents cried infront of me n begged me to go for abortion..My mum even had a breakdown/
My dad even threatens me that he will never forgive me if anything happens to my mum.

I aint got any choice.The next day,i went for d abortion.B4 d procedure...they scanned my baby first.N it was a happy bouncing baby boy..
My heart sank..n i cried all the way...
sOOn the procedure was over ...

N now im 24 yrs old..n till now i still feel my pain,my sorrow...Im happily married now..wif 2yrs old daughter.
N also 12 weeks preggy wif my second.

But u noe wat..till now d pain that i had gone thru....will always b wif me...

May my baby boy rest in peace....

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