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  • Tylynn
  • Tylynn's Avatar
11 years 8 months ago #1 by Tylynn
Tylynn replied the topic: Nothin
Im so sorry 4 any of u girlz that lost a baby or is going to have 1 i guess i feel sorry im not a mother but i do have nieces and nephews i understand
how all you girls feel u have to learn to raise a lyfe before u can take of it but your way too young still a baby having a baby unprepared so choose smart
keep it if ready but if its worth losing everything just think but dont ruin your future b 4 it begans but dont take a lyfe that does not know what he or she has ahead of it make a lyfe take care of it so long

gotta go Tylnn Renae

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  • MJ
  • MJ's Avatar
11 years 8 months ago #2 by MJ
MJ replied the topic: Re:Miscarried...:'(
It's ok. I know how you feel. I lost a baby about two years ago, and it never stops hurting. But, you need to realize that life will continue, even after a tragedy. I now have two children, and though I never will forget the one that I lost, I'm very happy with the ones that I have now. Don't give up, fight. Life goes on. And don't forget, you have someone here for you.


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11 years 8 months ago #3 by Audacious200
Audacious200 replied the topic: Re:Miscarried...:'(
Hey hunni, i know its hard when u misscary, I miscarried my daughter a couple of months ago. It is hard, andu ask y it happend, u may even blame urself(i know i do at times) but It will pass. My mother miscarried 4 times and lost 2 daughters young, but she said that she found her strength in God. I now also share in a similar relationship as she with Jesus. He can mend your broken heart and build you back up.

A saying i heard reccently went like \"Sometimes God has to tear away your life, to build you up stronger and better and ready to fight another day\". God tore my life away, yet through my loss i found Christ.

Every cloud has a silver lining my friend, just sometimes we cant see it immediatly.

God Bless

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11 years 8 months ago #4 by BigAlsMom02
BigAlsMom02 replied the topic: Re:Miscarried...:'(
Please don't do anything to harm yourself! It won't help anything. Do you have a history of depression? Either way you need to talk to someone about what has happened. Do your parents know? your boyfriend (or the father)? I don't have experience with miscarraiges but I do have a history of self injury and depression. You've experienced a great loss and you need to get some help. There are a lot of resources out there for you, you just need to look. I'm not sure if you're religious but your faith can also help you through this tragedy. Good luck.

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  • Rose
  • Rose's Avatar
11 years 8 months ago #5 by Rose
Rose replied the topic: Re:Miscarried...:'(
I figured this out when I miscarried in December... even though I didn't carry my baby to full term, I still suffered from post partum depression (on top of all of the horrible things I felt at having lost my child). Post partum depression is due in major part to the loss of the placenta which contains huge stores of hormones. With the very sudden loss of these hormones, I felt like I wanted to die. My mate, Jay, had a very difficult time with it as well... if the father is involved in your life, he may feel a sense of loss as well -- talk with him about it.

I used a lot of herbal extracts, teas, and essential oils to help balance my hormones, and talked a lot with Jay and with my parents. It was the most empty and painful experience of my life... but if I hadn't had anyone to talk to, I don't know what I would have done. It really helps a lot... someone you know and trust, or ask someone to refer you to a counselor. Sometimes college campuses or women's centers offer free or inexpensive counseling, and there are also support groups you can attend. Call your local hospital and ask them to refer to you a miscarriage/stillborn/loss of newborn support group.

I was sure that somehow it was my fault, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I did that made it happen... but I decided (and I still struggle with feelings of guilt) that the time that Jay and I got to have with our first was worth every second, and I woulnd't undo it for anything. I learned so much about myself and even got back in touch with my spirituality, let go of a lot of anger towards God, and allowed myself to ask for help. Don't be afraid to ask for help, whether it be from spiritual guides, friends, family, community. I'm very sorry for your loss, and I wish you all the good in your recovery.

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11 years 8 months ago #6 by steph608
steph608 replied the topic: Re:Miscarried...:'(
Hey, Im soooo sorry to hear about your loss. How far along were you? Where is your bf/husband and/or family at your time of need. Im hear to listen, feel freee to email me.

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