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This isnt going to be easy..

11 years 8 months ago #1 by acinderellastory
acinderellastory created the topic: This isnt going to be easy..
Okay so im 15 and im about 99.9% sure that i am pregnant i had a scare when i was 13 a couple of days before i was 14 and i told my mom and she didnt yell she told me that it wouldnt help anything so it turned out i wasnt thank god because she was thinking i was getting an abortion and i could NEVER do that and now a year and something later im stuck in the same thing this time i dont know what she will think or do because this has happened before i am older and more mature but still.. she still thinks of me as the baby
and i can be a bit on the lazy side but i know that will change if it has to im just lazy because she doesnt make me do anything i am the most spoiled person ever and thats also because i have been very independant for a very long time she was always worrking like 70 hour weeks and sometimes a lot longer because she owned and managed nightclubs and hotels and so she always had money do buy me anything i have ever wanted but shes not in that buissness anymore she is disabled because she has HORRIBLE back problems and HORRIBLE depression problems so all she collects is 1400 a month and thats really all we have and that has to pay bills and for my sister and i even though my sister can pay for herself because she is 21 i do have a boyfriend who is 17 and has a job we have been together for 4years and i know he would never leave me hes happy about this and also i am on birthcontrol but.. i have a hard time remembering to take it and i dont mean once or twice its more like almost the whole pack and she kind of knows that but then she just tells me dont have sex until you start remembering and thats hard haha but anyways i will get to the point does anyone know like the rights i have about my baby can i have it even if she doesnt want me to at all and can i move in with my boyfriend and his family if i wanted even if she doesnt want me to and does she have any say in what i do with my baby?????????????????oh and also HOW IN THE WORLD DO I TELL HER!!!????


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