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i dont know what to do!!!!!!!! please respond

11 years 2 months ago #1 by eveattalee
its good that you say your gonna stay off the coke but you need to mean it. ive never done drugs. ever. ive never drank anything remotly alcoholic or smoked any cigarettes. im not a pansy, i was alwyas working 3 jobs there was no time for that nonesense. my boyfriend was a crack addict for 7 years. he tried for that whole last year to stop. you cant do it alone and you cant do it if its only halfhearted

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  • katie
  • katie's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 2 months ago #2 by katie
its katie again. thank you for all the advice. i am glad to say that i have stayed away from the coke and i dont intend to do it ever again. i still havent gotten my period, but i did take a test. it was negative. so i think everything is going to be fine.

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  • Lisa
  • Lisa's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 2 months ago #3 by Lisa
Ok so i was just scrolling around on this website and saw your message and thought i would put my 2 cents in as i was recently a single mother of my daughter. I would definately test ASAP, you dont want to hurt this child. You have many options once you find out whether or not you are pregnant. Adoption is an option, there are many people that are looking to adopt if you think you wont be able to care for this baby the way it should be taken care of. And there are a lot of success stories on adoption. But honestly when i first found out that i was pregnant with my daughter i didnt know what would happen down the road. Once you hear that babies heartbeat or go in for that ultrasound you will think, this is my child. It will be very hard to give up. I've since been engaged and am going to have my second child and i am only 21. I had my first at 19 and i wouldnt change anything for the world. I hope this helps you out, good luck with your decision but i know it will just come to you.<br><br>Post edited by: Julie, at: 2006/01/01 22:53

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  • mari
  • mari's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 2 months ago #4 by mari
I know you're scared but you can't walk around like there's nothing going on in your life.Look I'm a single mom and no it is not easy but it pays off at the end of the day I always have my babys to come home to.
I do think you should get tested right away the sooner the better, so you can take care of yourself and your baby.now if you do not want to get tested is because you already know that you're pregnant,don't look at this as a problem, its more of a blessing have you thought about how many couples are out there that cannot conceive,and you, you have that little bundle of joy inside I'm sure that if you take a little time you will make the right decision.

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11 years 2 months ago #5 by jess22402
are your periods normally irregular...cuz to me it sounds like u really could be pregnant...but why wait to quit the drugs and stuff until u take a pregnancy test...its just more of a risk for your child. also do u have any family that can help u through this? stay off the drugs for a few months and have you considered adoption if ur not ready to raise a baby...you can always have an open one that way u can still be in contact and have a relationship with him/her

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  • Christy
  • Christy's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 2 months ago #6 by Christy
I totally understand your concern! Although I am a 35 year old single mom. I was faced with a possible pregnancy at a time when it just wasn't ok. I do not do drugs but was about to embark on a new adventure in life. Anyway, I found out I am pregnant and was 7 weeks when I found out. I looked at the pictures on this website as to how big the fetus is and it changed my mind. I was considering terminating the pregnancy, but after I saw, eyes, fingers and toes I couldn't. I had to make a life change and quick! The advise I give you is go in and get a pregnancy test. Besides, there are always people who want to adopt a newborn baby. Stay clean for 9 months and give the baby to someone who can raise the baby for you. You will feel better for doing that than early termination. Good luck!<br><br>Post edited by: Julie, at: 2006/01/01 22:55

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