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Am i pregnant?

11 years 10 months ago #1 by Kit
Kit replied the topic: Re:Am i pregnant?

I've never taken the depo shot, so I'm not sure. I know that missing or changing pills can cause spotting bleeding. If your period is late and you suspect you might be pregnant Birthright and many crisis pregnancy centers offer free pregnancy tests. They might also be able to help you locate financial help for the pregnancy if it turns out that you are pregnant.


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  • kira
  • kira's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 10 months ago #2 by kira
kira created the topic: Am i pregnant?
Hey. will im a 17 year old girl whos engaged and at the moment freaking out. Here is my story. About a year and a half ago i went onto the injection and then i stoped it about 6 months ago and went onto the pill i sometime (only lately) forget or take it late. I last had my period somewhere around the begining of december thats when it stopped. About 2 days ago i started bleeding again it is a light flow and the blood is brown. I took a pregnancy test about a week ago but it showed negative, i cannot affored a doctor so please dont say i should go to one. I have no pregnance symptoms other that the bleeding and i generally pee on hell of alot so i cant tell from that. I have hypoglocemia so its hard to tell as far as dizziness is concerned but i do get tiered alot lately. as far as i know the injection can stop you for falling pregnat for up to a year after you have stoped it. I buy a pregnancy test once a month just to be sure but it said negetive and now a week later im bleeding again. Is it possiable im pregnancy
the pregnancy test didnt pick it up because its so early in the pregnance. could it be because i havent been taking my pill same time everyday? its never happend to me before i mean the bleeding and i havnt been taking the pill as much as i should since november. am i pregnant? Please help.

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