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11 years 11 months ago #1 by Kit
Kit replied the topic: Re:help

Again I'm not sure. Those do sound like symptoms I experienced in early pregnancy... Normally if you have a period and negative tests I would suspect that you are not pregnant. I think it is pretty rare to have periods while you are pregnant, but I have heard of it happening before. If it happened with both your mom and aunt then there is a good possibility that it could be true for you too. A blood test should give you an accurate answer to whether you are pregnant or not. If you haven't already done so I would stop smoking or drinking if you do either until you find out whether you are pregnant. You might want to take prenatal vitamins too just in case you are. I can understand wanting to wait to see a doctor that you know and trust. That is very important for a health provider. You might want to conseder talking to a Birthright or crisis pregnancy center to see if they could do a blood test to determine if you are pregnant or not if you want to find out sooner than you can get in to your ob/gyn.


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  • Sue25
  • Sue25's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 11 months ago #2 by Sue25
Sue25 replied the topic: Re:help
It's me again. I started bleeding yesturday. I still don't get it. It wasn't heavy. Today it was for a couple of hours and then light again. I am cramping big time periodically. I guess now I know the answer. I could sware that I am pregnant though. I know that some of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy are the same as if you are getting your period, but this has never happened. I have had to move up a cup size in bras. My other ones don't fit. My stomach is huge. Acne. I have never had acne until now. The frequent urination. I don't understand. The reason it is taking me so long to get in to see my obgyn is she just had a baby and I will only see her. I'm picky, but she is the best. For the past little while, it is like I can't get enough of black olives and pickles together on a saltine cracker or just mixed together. I wake up craving them. I have always thought black olives were good on a like a pizza, never plain, until now. I don't know what is going on. Am I crazy? I know that not fitting into my jeans anymore isn't crazy and I have actually slacked off on eating alot so I know it is not me eating more. My butt has expanded somewhat as well. Could I be? My aunt tells me that I am. She had her period the entire time she was pregnant with my cousin. My mom did too. Any opinions?

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  • Jenna
  • Jenna's Avatar
11 years 11 months ago #3 by Jenna
Jenna replied the topic: Re:help
Hang in there, you may not know it, and you probably won't get it untill you become a mother, be everyone who says congrats, really means it and everyone who posts replys, really do know what your going through, though it may not feel like it, we do, hang in there!

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  • Casey
  • Casey's Avatar
11 years 11 months ago #4 by Casey
Casey replied the topic: Re:help
Don't be scare, whether you're pregnant or not its all done. Just one thing, no matter what you do, if you are pregnant, just remember that the baby its not responsable for your actions. think of him as it were you. Don't think of an avortion as your first option. there are other better options for you. and that is having your baby. Having a baby its the most wounderful time in life. no matter you're age. cause you're still be afraid. Believe me im so glad i have a baby now, and my husband and i are planning on having a few more later on. even though sometimes we think we are not ready don't worry that fear will go away as soon as you have that baby on your arms.



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  • Zel
  • Zel's Avatar
11 years 11 months ago #5 by Zel
Zel replied the topic: Re:help
hey sue im in the same boat u are!!! well i m probably not that far along as u might be but i ve been expieriencing symptoms i took 2 pg test and they both came out neg im about 2 weeks late and im never late like this and someone also told me that sometimes when you do take a pg test it wont come out on that and it will only come out on a blood test it just varys between women. so will probably be trying to see a doctor pretty soon also ...

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11 years 11 months ago #6 by Kit
Kit replied the topic: Re:help

I'm not sure. It is good that you set up an appointment with your ob/gyn. Two months seems like a long time to be able to get in. If you don't get your period in the next week or two I would take another pregnancy test. If you have any severe problems with bleeding or cramping I would contact your ob/gyn to see if you could get in sooner. Best Wishes.


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