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im so lost

  • Kelsey
  • Kelsey's Avatar
12 years 7 months ago #1 by Kelsey
Kelsey replied the topic: Re:im so lost
Let me just start by saying that people, no matter how close to you they are, will always make mistakes and let us down. It is our nature that thrives on pleasing ourselves as we continue to live in this unperfect world. There is only one thing that we can rely completely on for our strength day in and day out and that is our mighty, perfect, God. He created you and knows you better than anyone. His love for you is so great that He sent His own son to live in this world, then die so that you might live one day with Him. He has promised that He will never leave us and if you cast this burden upon Him, He will help you carry it. He has never given me a burden that was too large. Don't get me wrong I've struggled inwardly for a long period in my life and it was hard to let go of people and the securities around me. However, once I chose to give it all up and turn to God, it was the most freeing and wonderful decision I have and will ever make! Please know that He has a plan for your life and even though times are rough, He does give grace and will help you get though it. I am praying for you and please write me back if you have any questions or need to talk! - Lucylou :side:

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  • arturosprincesa
  • arturosprincesa's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 7 months ago #2 by arturosprincesa
arturosprincesa created the topic: im so lost
i dont know what to do anymore. i have been with my boyfriend for 3 years
now and
lately we have been fighting more then normal. other then a few problems
that we
have been happening our relationship has been great. The last time we had
a fight we
almost broke up and i was ready to flip out. i have been threw so much in
my life
and he has helped me get threw it all. now i feel like i am losing him and
if i did
i wouldnt knwo what to do. i love him so much. we were each others firsts for
everything so i trust him more then anything. my heart has been hurting
the past few
days because i am so afraid that we wont be together and i cant let our
just disappear. i dont knwo what to do and i dont have anyone to talk to
about it. i
have one other good friend and i dont want her to knwo because i dont like
to talk
about my personal life with her. i tell him everything. for 3 years he has
been the
one that has been there for me he is the person i turn to for everything.
i don knwo
what to do and i dont know who to turn to

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