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He wants a baby.

  • ASHELY's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 1 month ago #1 by ASHELY

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  • jordan
  • jordan 's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 4 months ago #2 by jordan
your just like me, my boyfriend of only 5 months wants to have a baby he is 19i am 18. i love him and would love to have his baby but like you i have my doubts and this is what tells me that having a child now is not right because if it was what i definatly wanted i would have no doubts at all in my mind. only do it when you're ready because you are the person who has to go through the pregnancy and birth, not your boyfriend. wait until those doubts havegone and then when you feel ready go for it and good luck for when that happens. wish you all the best and take care of your feelings first.
jordan (England) x x x x x

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  • meghan
  • meghan's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 4 months ago #3 by meghan
hes 15? does he work? does he think that the 2 of you can give a baby everything it needs. and i dont mean love and all that ( by the way im sure youd be a great mom) but money wise. and im not all materialitstic and whatnot but diapers and everything add up. how would you both finish school and support a baby? what would your parents say? what if they refuse to help you. i changed colleges and majors so that i can get a better job sooner just cuz i dont want my kid to have to wear air force 4's cuz i cant get her the real thing. i want to give her everything and so will you. its not fair of him to put a demand like that on you. i wouldnt trade my daughter for anything in the world but i worry all the time bout the financial future even tho me and boyfriend have good jobs and both our families support us.

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  • Jay
  • Jay's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 4 months ago #4 by Jay
Hey cassie,

Its like i want it because i've been thinking about it a lot but what if he dicedes to leave or what if im not a good parent. i want it im just having trouble dealing with the \"What If's\" i really just need someone who understands me. i think you do. I'm sixteen also and he's 15 and its all he ever talks about. i really want this trust me i do but i do have my doubts.

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11 years 4 months ago #5 by Kit

I would tell your boyfriend that you love him very much and that you do dream of having a family with him, but that if he loves you he will wait a little longer until you are both ready. If he loves you enough to want to have a child together, does he love you enough to marry you?

My suggestion would be to wait to try to get pregnant for a couple of years. You've been together for a long time. Work on strengthening your relationship even more. Plan ahead and dream about marriage and family, but don't rugh into things yet before you're ready. Best wishes.


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  • cassie1603
  • cassie1603's Avatar
11 years 4 months ago #6 by cassie1603

im sorry im not american so i dont know what the grades are and how old you are, but im 16 and pregnant with my first unplanned but very wanted baby all the same, all i can say if you need to ask the question weither you should have a baby then no you shouldnt and your partner saying if you loved me you would do it is the wrong way about going about it, im sure you love him with every breath you take but doing something as big has having a child is something you both have got to want. If you do not feel in yourself your ready for a child then please dont let your partner have his own way. IF he loves you he will wait for the time your ready and not just expect you to have one when your not.

I hope this advice helped you in some way

All the best
Cassie x

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