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I'm pregnant!?!

12 years 2 months ago #1 by BigAlsMom02
BigAlsMom02 replied the topic: Re:I'm pregnant!?!
Thanks a million to everyone that replied to my post. Does anyone have any good ideas on how I should tell my parents this time?

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  • kat0400
  • kat0400's Avatar
12 years 2 months ago #2 by kat0400
kat0400 replied the topic: Re:I'm pregnant!?!
Congrats, hon! Just writing to let you know that when I had my daughter (15 months now) I was due the week before finals, my last semester in college, and I was going full-time. All of my profs were really understanding about the situation, and two of the four offered (yeah, I didn't even have to ask) that if my grade was really strong in their class, they'd just go off the average for the semester and so I didn't have to take those. The third emailed me a week after delivery to say that she had calculated the grade I'd need to get on the final to make a difference in my grade (I would've needed to get 32% or less on the final) and so she really didn't see a point in me taking it. The fourth prof. let me schedule the final a month after my delivery, and made me a special \"sleep-deprived mom\" study guide. It was really great, but I conferenced with them before I signed up for their classes re: my pregnancy, and they all really seemed to appreciate that I gave them huge advance notice of the situation. Sorry this was so long!
Best wishes, Kathryn

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12 years 2 months ago #3 by Kit
Kit replied the topic: Re:I'm pregnant!?!
Katie -
Congratulations! I'm sure your parents will be supportive once they get over the initial shock. I just started my first semester of grad school this fall. I found out I was expecting in late June and am due February 19. I was worried that I might need to sit out a semester, but it sounds like my advisor and instructors may be willing to arrange independent study classes and/or offer incompletes so I might be able to take a class or two next semester. We'll see how things go. Even if you do have to sit out a semester don't despair. It took me 8 years to finish undergrad (because I dropped out and then took night classes while I worked full time) it wasn't easy but I made it - you can too!

I always thought my blood type was A positive so I wasn't worried about the Rh factor but I found out that it is actually A negative. My husband has type O but he's not sure if he's positive or negative, so I will probably need to have the shots to prevent problems. Congratulations again- and good luck!

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  • Emma
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12 years 2 months ago #4 by Emma
Emma replied the topic: Re:I'm pregnant!?!

im 17 n i'v just found out that im pregga's too!!! I havent finished high school but i will be soon so thats ok, i wanna do hairdressing n so i can still do that ill just have to wait bout 6 months or something.Im SOOO scared of the childbirth!!! anyways congrats to you for ur second baby!! it will be great for u if ur gunna keep it.

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12 years 2 months ago #5 by BigAlsMom02
BigAlsMom02 created the topic: I'm pregnant!?!
Well I guess I'm pregnant...again. I have a son that will be three on October 12th and I just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant again. I took a HPT yesterday morning first thing and there was a faint little line. Today I took another one and there was another faint line. I'm not sure where to go from here. My bf is really happy and I am too but my parents are going to freak. My bf and I don't really have the money right now but I know we'll make it work somehow. I haven't finished college yet and I'm probably going to be due about a month before classes are done next Spring. I know I need to go to the Doc to get a positive blood test and see where all my levels are (iron, cholesterol, etc.) and I also need to discuss the Rh factor because I have it. Well I just thought I'd let everyone know. Wish me luck!

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