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  • *unsure*
  • *unsure*'s Avatar Topic Author
12 years 3 months ago #1 by *unsure*
*unsure* replied the topic: Re:Alone
see they lie b/c they are scared. iet a bood test when your babyshould gm 15 and i was pregnant but when i told the faher he was shocked at first but then he was dening it and all. see at first they might be so excited about it like your ex. but then after a while of thm thinkin about it they get scared maybe he just didnt know how to be a fathe or most likely didnt want to be a father at that time in his ife. guys can be immature no matter how old they are. all i cn say is that your baby girl is born and if he doesnt agree to that youwill make him can get a warrent that make him take it and then get child support do whatever you can to take care of your baby girl!! and just always remember you will be better off w/o/ that guy. b/c you dont wan him causing any harm to your child. tell me how everyhing goes ok? ok...

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  • Amber
  • Amber's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 3 months ago #2 by Amber
Amber replied the topic: Re:Alone
I've been there, but I actually had a few partners as I rebelled against men when I got divorced, I got drunk all the time and wasted my life away for a whole year. No matter what, when the baby is born get the papers from the state for help determining the father for child-support reasons. He will either take responsibility or not, but at least you would know for sure, and the baby will be able to know about its family if it wants to. Thats about all you can do, unfortunately, men get the better end of the deal if they want. But thats when us woman just have to stand strong and change your life for the baby. When he does find out he is the father, I would give him one more chance to make a relationship, no matter what you think of him by then, because it's the baby who suffers in the long run. My daughter did not officially find out who her dad was until she was 5 for my own reasons, and I regret it all the time. I had a dna test with the guy who I thought deeply was her father, found out she wasn't and I lost it, I was asshamed of myself, and was scared to go through another dna disappointment, well turned out it was a match with the second. It was a friend I had a one night thing with because we were really good friends, but not each others type, well, two minutes into the whole thing, we both realized it was wrong, so when I took the dna test, we thought that there was probably no chance, we were wrong. Proof that the Pre-Ejaculation is also pretty good stuff. LOL. Anyways, my daughter suffered, and now she has an excellent relationship with him, and I feel bad that they lost all that time from knowing each other. So, in other words, get through the pregnancy as stress free as possible, then do the test and go from there. I know that it makes you just want to hate this guy, but think of the baby. He will realize his mistake when he is proven to be the father, then you can yell at him and express the anger. Take his butt to court, and get some help. Take it easy, and good luck! Don't worry, it will all work out in the end. ;)

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  • Heather
  • Heather's Avatar Topic Author
12 years 3 months ago #3 by Heather
Heather created the topic: Alone
i'm 24 and pregnant, not really a bad thing. Lots of girls are 24 and pregnant.. lots of married girls... well i'm not married, in fact i'm divorced and have been for two years. the thing is this... i let a guy into my life when i wasn't ready to really settel down.... six months later piss on a stick and poof pregnant.... i didn't want to tell him about the baby not only does he have a history of alcohol and drug abuse i'm an aspiring artist.. (the rock star kind). Well my friends talked me into telling him from the time he recieved my email until the time he showed at my door was 30 min.. (we live about 20 miles from eachother).... he promised he wasn't going to leave me alone to go through this... i was never supposed to have kids and this this miricle had to have a reason for happening.. He was excited at first and then after a night of talking and name brainstorming i took him home. after that he quit talking to me... quit answering his phone quit answering his emails in fact went so far as to block me on aim... He has a girlfriend now i couldn't be happier for him finding someone that was ready for the relationship that he was wanting. but she has no idea about me or his little girl. (i just found out)... now i'm going to have to go through all this legal stuff because i can't pay for everything on my own... a lot of the issue is he doesn't think it's his, he has it in his head that because i am/was (had to take the time off) in a band in dallas i was sleeping with every guy that talked to me... but i wasn't.... i admit i've tried to prove that it's not his but the more i try not to prove it the more i prove that it is. my friends tell me to stop doing this because it's just going to stress me out. i know they are right but i never wanted to hurt anyone... and if the options are hurting him or hurting her i would much rather hurt him. this little girl deserves to know who her father is... it's like he's ashamed being what kids call Preppy and me being Gothic/Rocker. it's more of a vent here... i just don't understand what makes them run off after they say that the kid is theirs. why lie?

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