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too soon?

6 years 7 months ago #1 by Dorkneetah
Dorkneetah replied the topic: Re: too soon?
Do not worry about your body healing. You will be amazed at what the human body can do.

Personally I think the scary thing is getting my figure back LOL.

Just remember it'll be a bit of a challenge but hey isn't that what life is? After all with as many kids as you have whats one more? I mean your experienced and will easily adapt into motherhood with two babies. A mother can do anything for her children even if that means chasing a new walking 1 year old around the house, while nursing the new baby and getting the others ready for school. You will be able to do it.

I think the only advice you can be given by any mother young or old is take some time out for you, just you. Also make sure your husband gets of the TLC time alone to. :)

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6 years 8 months ago #2 by MaiaVasiliovich
MaiaVasiliovich replied the topic: Re: too soon?
Well, I can see your exasperation in having kids close together(no breaks for you unfourtunately),but there is no adverse health affects. I have several different relatives who have had kids like that, back to back to back, and they've come out of it no worse for wear. If anything, they are glad they had them like that so they didn't have to deal with more down the road(though, knowing my family, they all will lol). I am having triplets, so I am going to have to do all of the tasks(times 3) at the same time. I wish I had the time between, but then again I don't. My advice: Whether it be back to back or simeoultaneously, having kids won't pose a serious danger to your health. Unless there is complications(horrible word), but I won't get into that. I hope I've helped!

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6 years 8 months ago #3 by kkoops87
kkoops87 created the topic: too soon?
My name is Kristin and well im kinda freaking out right now. I have an 8 and 5 year old both boys as well as a 5 month old daugther. Which they are my life I love having my children, but I am pregnant again this hasn't been confirmed by my doctor yet. However I know all my parts work as well as my husbands. I wasn't feeling to well over the last couple of days and my period is 13 days late so I took 3 pregnancy tests, and they are all positive. Im not sure how to react because all my kids are seperated a good distance in age which is what my husband and I wanted. We hadn't planned on having another one until the baby was 2 which meant by the time it got here she would be 3 or farely close to it. Now I have never had a baby back to back like this and it's worrying me to death. My body isnt even done healing from Olivia and now I'm facing another 9 months of pregnancy while taking care of a baby, and then when shes done with being a baby instead of enjoying the fact that I can sleep again and Im not on a feeding schedule I will have to do the same thing. Many people have their kids close together and I was wondering if theres any advice on how you felt, and how you dealt with it all.

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