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6 years 8 months ago #1 by ladybuggirl
ladybuggirl replied the topic: Re: :)
Good Choice! Your off to a fresh start! :)

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6 years 9 months ago #2 by airyvandy
airyvandy replied the topic: Re: :)
I am glad it has worked out for you

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6 years 9 months ago #3 by Meg11
Meg11 replied the topic: Re: :)
Well I guess in your circumstances a congratulations for not being pregnant is in order...Have you and your new boyfriend talked about what would happen if you turn out to be pregnant by him? I learned a little too late about pregnancy scares...LOL....I went to get on birth control and the lady asked me if I had had unprotected sex in the last 72 hours, I told her yeah and she then reached out and handed me a pill, she told me to take it, I looked at her and told her that if I happened to end up pregnant that it was not the baby's fault and that two wrongs do not make a right....well I never started my period so I never started the pills, I WAS PREGNANT and just to early to show up on a test at that appt....I am so glad I did not take that pill, I LOVE my son, he is my little guy guy...I did learn a very important lesson though...after two kids from two dads I decided to wait until I was married to have sex again....I did...it was 2 1/2 years later that I married my husband and our first time was our wedding night...I knew he would be there in the morning, I knew if I got pregnant that he would Stand by me....sooo, with this new and fresh relationship it might be a good time to make a fresh start for yourself...it was the best decision I have ever made as far as relationships go!! I want the best for you and I am really glad you found this site and like it so much..Love Meg

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  • xdoublerainbow
  • xdoublerainbow's Avatar Topic Author
6 years 9 months ago #4 by xdoublerainbow
xdoublerainbow created the topic: :)
Heya (:

Ok, earlier this month I thought I was pregnant so I made a promise to myself to go to the doctors at the end of the month if nothing happened. Well, nothing happened...So I went to the doctors. I took a pregnancy test (which turned out negative) but the nurse still did a bloodtest because she thought it could still be too early to see if I was pregnant or not. I can find out the results on Tuesday (: I also have a boyfriend now, his name is Caine and he is the sweetest guy I have ever met in my whole life. Even my mum likes him now (which is a miracle) because he's 19 and I don't turn 17 until the end of April. But I'm happy (: This pregnancy scare has woken me up more than the first one, now I know that I should finish school, university and have a job before I even consider kids, or at LEAST be with the right person. Which I think I have already found (:

That's just a shortened version of what's happening in my life at the moment. Oh, and my knee is getting better (: The whole of my leg below my knee is swollen (but is getting better) and my stitches can be taken out on Friday (:

PS - Anyone who hasn't added the wall app should! Just click the applications tab, then click browse and when you see "wall" click the add button next to it (: Then everyone can talk to you on your own page (:

Love Kendel

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