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Eternal babysitter?

7 years 4 months ago #1 by ShinEEstar
ShinEEstar created the topic: Eternal babysitter?
My mom came to me and asked "Who's gonna watch my borthers and sisters while she's at work." Not really thinking, I replied, "Me, i guess." But I have been babysitting since i began my teen years. I've always babysat while she worked, why was she asking again? Because she knows i'm ready to move out.
I don't want to babysit anymore, i'm tired of it. I have missed out on alot because i babysit, 24/7. I'm gonna have my OWN baby soon, I don't want to be responisble for my siblings anymore. I have my own life to live. How to i tell her that after i have my baby, i dont want to babysit anymore? I mean is it fair for me to take care of her kids and my own? I feel so trapped. Is it my duty to help my mom forever and not live my life or what?

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