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Im not sure whats happening and i need some help?

7 years 5 months ago #1 by DaniBell
DaniBell replied the topic: Re:Im not sure whats happening and i need some help?
Hm well form your telling me there isnt a way you could be pregnant? Are you sure about that? Have you had sex at all before you period was late in May? If you have unprotected or not you can be. I advise to really go and take a test because prenatal care is so dearly important to your childs life.

Expensive huh? Ya it can be so why don't you go to your nearest dollar store in town and pick one up. Surprisingly they are VERY reliable :] If not, then google a local clinic near your house..they often give tests for free :]

Ok so once you have taken a test and if it does come up negative, then ask yourself some questions...because a delayed period for this long isnt normal unless something else is happenening:

~Changed Birth control pill, or are you on any form of contraceptives that could delay your period?

~Stress: Stress can easily delay a period.

~Have you changed or done anything differently?

These questions can further help you understand whats going on. If pregnancy is not the cause the definitely go BACK to that clinic (or while your there) ask them for help. The have qualified medical professsionals there to help.

I wish the best sweetie :] Feel free to PM me if you want.


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7 years 6 months ago #2 by Vacantheart
Vacantheart created the topic: Im not sure whats happening and i need some help?
Right i havent had a period since the start of may
and i couldnt be pregnant because i know i cant be
I cant go to the doctors because its too expensive
I get a weird kinda pain/cramp near my right hipbone ( mightent have anything to do with it ) now and again
could anyone help me please?
whats wrong?

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