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7 years 5 months ago #1 by Mommieofchris
Mommieofchris replied the topic: Re:wow..
Its amazing all that we can go through.. all that we think we beleive we would do in a certain position, then when it comes down to it acctually happens.. we change our point of view. I've never been in your situation, and never had an abortion but so many times i've sat back and said "if that ever happens to me, ill never do that" then i turn around and do it. its hard to understand why our minds do this.

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7 years 5 months ago #2 by roxannet
roxannet replied the topic: Re:wow..
although i myself have never had an abortion, i hav many friends who have and i knw its not easy to deal with. m sorry that you had to go through the pain. time will heal the pain. u are fortunate enough to still have the chance to have kids. wat is important is that u forgive yourself. i am sure that your twins would have forgiven you.

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7 years 5 months ago #3 by kerry.atkinson85
kerry.atkinson85 replied the topic: Re:wow..
You poor thing Anna. After such a hard decision and also knowing that now you CAN get pregnant.
If you knew it was twins at the time before u made the choice would the outcome be the same though?

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7 years 10 months ago - 7 years 10 months ago #4 by GangY
GangY replied the topic: Re:wow..
i am sorry that you feel that way, i really am... i wish there would be something that would ease your pain, but i know from my own experience...theres nothing else than time. it may sound unbelivable, but time does help. its been 3 years since my abortion, there are some hard days, but in general its alot easier...

keep in your mind that you have your whole life to have a baby. if it is written in the stars then you will get pregnant again, even tho the doctors say theres a slim chance, miracles does happen, and your will happen when you will be ready. since you did go through the abortion, you arent ready for a baby yet. once youll get pregnant again you will be the happiest person on earth, cause you will know you have everything you can to offer to that baby, and know that how happy you are in one way, cause you are having two little angels inheaven watching over you / your family.

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7 years 11 months ago #5 by fuzyelmo
fuzyelmo replied the topic: Re:wow..
ik exactly what you are going thro..because ive been there. except i never miscarried. but when i was 14 i got pregnant. i wanted nothing more than to keep it..but i felt like everyone except me was against it, especially my boyfriend at the time. i didnt kno what to do, n eventually i was tlkd into an abortion. it was the most painful thing i have ever been thro..both physically and emotionally. i still to this day carry my ultra sound picture around with me everywhere i go..i feel like a part of me is missing and that it will never again b filled. i am now 17 and i still wnt to cry at the site of seeing another baby. now, im not trying to discourage you, trust me things do get better, the feelings never go away completely but everything will b ok. i now hoping to get pregnant again, because i feel like i am ready to b a mom, and the guy i am with is amazing and i think he understands what im going thro. but if you ever need nething, nething at all jst message me im always here for you!!

much love,


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  • annakristinee
  • annakristinee's Avatar Topic Author
7 years 11 months ago #6 by annakristinee
annakristinee replied the topic: Re:wow..
ultrasound picture confirmed it to be twins - legally the clinc was supposed to tell me and they didnt.

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