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trying to get pregnant in high school?

  • Priscilla
  • Priscilla's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 6 months ago #1 by Priscilla
I know exactly how you feel. I did the same thing. When my relationship with my boyfriend started to fall apart i thought that the only way i could make him stay with me was to sabatogue the condom and get myself pregnant. Well it worked and when i told him he wasnt the happyiest but he promised that he would never leave me to take care of the baby alone. He left me when i was 8 months pregnant.For one of my friends. I havent seen him since. My baby is 11 months old with no real father. Sometimes i wish i could go back in time and never had his baby. But then i woundnt have my beauful daughter eden. Im just telling you your taking a risk. AND if the love isnt mutual you got to leave him, as hard as it will be you really need to .Cause he just taking advantage of you and your letting him.

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  • SunshineANDShadows
  • SunshineANDShadows's Avatar
11 years 6 months ago #2 by SunshineANDShadows
I hate to say it but if he doesn't love you now, he wont love you if you have his baby. He will only grow to resent you & the innocent child, he will feel trapped & most likely will leave you. Even if he doesn't leave you, he will never be really happy, which means that niether will you or your baby. Please don't have sex with a guy who doesn't love you, even if you do love him. Wait 'till you find someone who who loves you & respects you, not someone who wants to use you for a \"fun time\". You deserve better. You deserve love.

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  • christine
  • christine's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 6 months ago #3 by christine
The best thing you can do is get him alone away from your friends but not in like a make out place!Perferably in daylight and tell him(I need to talk to you abought our relanship,You know how I feel abought you I think Iv made that realy clear you know im a vergin and sex is a dechion I cant just make lightly.I have to know Im reddy emoshional ,physicaly and mentaly whin I do decide the time is right I want it to be with you but Im feeling presshered abought moving to the nex step in this relanship,just give me time and ill let you know whin Im reddy untell thin lets just enjoy eachouther and have a good time)This usualy works although Id like to point out that the right time is on you wedding night,Pointing out that your not takeing this lightly might put you in a new light for him and he could see you with a higher sence of respect and admeration and saying your planning on being with hi gives him a sence of security as well I might add looseing your verginity on you wedding night adds to commetment and trust in a merrage(This is A good thing)

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  • christine
  • christine's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 6 months ago #4 by christine
NO!!!!!!Not under any sercumstances shuld you have sex with some one that dosent love you or just to make thim happy!You have value that he dosent see!By telling you that he wants to have sex with you after telling you he dosent love you he is saying(you hurt me,now im going to hurt you back)He is disrespecting you and playing on you feeling for him ,witch by the way is wrong.You need time to get over this break up .thats the only thing that will mend you broken heart.Respect youself and tell him no and if hes worth your love he will respect you too ,if he dosent he just wasnt the guy you thought he was whin you fell for him.rember you will always rember you first time,do you want it to be of having one way love and a guy who used you for sex?I dont think so.Value your body,sperit and mind your worth it!

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  • danielle
  • danielle's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 6 months ago #5 by danielle
i had my first boyfriend between the ages of 12 and 15. (we were together for 3 years) to be perfectly honest with you at that age you are not capable of being in love and should not be having sex. i lost my virginity to him when i was 14. he treated me like your bf treats you only worse. when they say they dont love you, they dont. no matter how bad it hurts. and when they say they could learn to if you had a baby. that is them trying to get into your pants. i like you thought i was madly in love despite all the abuse and mean things he said and did to me. at 15 we decided to be less careful and actually tried getting me pregnant for about 2 months. (thank go i didnt get pregnant) we actual thought that if i did we could live together and get married. our relationship ended very badly i was obsessed and hanging on to anything we had left. sleeping with him even when he told me he didnt love me and didnt want to be with me. it made me feel used, ugly, and discusting. finally i gained the strength to leave him. like i learned and so will you, you are young and there are so many other people in this world more worthy of your love and your body. dont give something so precious to someone who doesnt deserve it. there will be someone else. i started dating my best guy friend right after we broke up, thinking we would never last and nothing would be as it was when i was with him. and you know what, weve been together for four years now. we have our own apartment and our deeply in love. he is everything i wish my first boyfriend was and more. till this day i regret loosing my virginity to him and wish i had waited. and i thank go every day he didnt get me pregnant. what would i have done if he had? i wouldnt be with my boyfriend. i wouldnt know what real love feels like. i would of been alone begging again for someones love that was never there, only this time id have a baby to take care of on top of it. trust me dont do it. dont even start having sex with him. just break it off. i know it hurts but trust me love is out there, right around the corner. and if you waste your life wishing someone would just love you or just treat you different or just grow up. you will never have a chance to find someone who already is all these things you wish for. pleae trust me. you will be so much happier.

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  • AT
  • AT's Avatar Topic Author
11 years 8 months ago #6 by AT
honestly, having a baby wont save a relationship that wasnt made to last. you have to think about it...people say a lot of things..but do they honestly mean them??? cuz i mean im sure you're young unless you wouldnt even be contemplating it..but if it was meant to be it was meant to be, and just let time do it's thing and deal with it. you dont want to make any decisions that you're going to regret..especially a decision with such big reprocussions...like another human life. it's not just your life or his life that will be effected by this pregnancy but also the child that you will be raising. you have your whole life to live and if it's not him you will find someone else who will love you..without having to be pregnant or have sex in order for him to be with you.

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