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i just had a miscarriage

8 years 5 months ago #1 by myangelsinheaven
myangelsinheaven replied the topic: Re:i just had a miscarriage
Hello friend,

I too am sorry for your loss and the pain that remains. It is absolutely normal for a mother to grieve for her baby. It is a natural instinct that you are experiencing to its fullest. You can be comforted though, as I am witnessing by your expression of love and compassion for those innocent souls, that YOU WILL BE A WONDERFUL MOTHER ONE DAY!! If even in the slightlest bit for now, I hope that you can find some consolation in the fact that you have two precious little ones looking down on you. They feel your love, and know what is in your heart.

You are young and have a lot of life to live. In the future, at a different point in your life, you may possibly be blessed with more children. You won't forget your little ones, but will have something to keep close to your heart when you accept another baby into your life. You will be prepared to accept that life openly, and maternally because you have felt the other side of 'the loss of life'.

A lot of girls and women here on SUG, including myself, have felt and continue to feel that pain. If you can continue to share your feelings with us and find relief in giving a voice to your pain, the weight of this burden will lighten.

You are in my heart and my thoughts tonight.
God bless you,

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8 years 5 months ago #2 by dschreiber
dschreiber replied the topic: Re:i just had a miscarriage
My heart goes out to you. So many pregnancies do not make it to turn and folks hardly know about it. I'm sorry you have this pain but it doesnt mean that when you're ready to have kids you wont be able to. Things happen for a reason. Take good care of yourself and hugs.


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8 years 5 months ago #3 by pinkchik6
pinkchik6 created the topic: i just had a miscarriage
i spent the night in the emergency dept last night with my best friend by my side. i decided to keep my baby despite the father not wanting it. i started having bad cramps then started bleeding i looked on the internet and they said consult a doctoor so i called one and they said go to emergency straight away so i did. After a drip, morphene, maxalon and a hell of a lot of pain and bleeding, the doctor confirmedt with a blood test that it looked like the baby was not up to date with how far in the pregnany i was and it looked as though i was losing the baby. i burst out in tears. ive had an abortion before and now with this aswell it has absolutley destroyed me. i have to have another blood test tomoro to make sure that the baby is no longer there. but im pretty sure i misscarriaged as even the doctors said :( i now have two holes in my heart. not just one

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