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cold feet

8 years 6 months ago #1 by Evangeline
Evangeline replied the topic: Re:cold feet
Hey sweet pea,
try looking on the bright side... I think yr just worried because this looks so overwhelming, but you're already raising a beautiful little miracle, I'm sure yr gonna be just as amazing with angel number2.

I can only imagine what yr going through right now, and I think that part of what yr feeling is because yr so young... But yr lucky that you have a husband to support you and help you and you have yr family too.

I really hope things get better for you hun, I'm always here if you wanna chat or vent.
Lots of love, Evie xoxo

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8 years 6 months ago #2 by nadza
nadza created the topic: cold feet
ok as many of u know im 17 married, iv got a 15 month old girl n 33weeks preg with numb2...

it took me very long to make peace with the fact that im gonna be a mommy all over again as this was sumthin i did not plan... AT ALL. i finally accepted it wen i was around 5months preg n actually started to get abit excited at the idea... now im gettin cold feet n doubting weather i can go through this again, its gettin soo bad that i am paranoid n totally convinced im going to get PPD wen the new baby arrives and that im going to go into premature labour n the thoughts get worse n worse, im second guessing every move i make, thinking the worst of everythin n blowing things outa proportion. this is sucking the excitement n joy that i was feeling b4 outa me... i just dont know if i can raise two children. i can feel my body tensing under all this negative energy im putting into myself, 1 min im optamistic n the next i have no hope n dont look forward to seeing my baby... surely this isnt normal? its like im expecting my baby to bring misery into my life by being born... wats wrong with me!!!!!

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